More Winning For Trump: Denver Broncos Announce “No More Kneeling”

NFL team owners and players were quick to condemn President Trump for calling them out on their hatred for this country.  But as sponsors cancel and people refuse to come to the stadium or watch the games on TV, both the owners and the spoiled players can see the writing on the wall.  On Thursday, the Denver Broncos announced that their players will no longer kneel during the national anthem, the Daily Caller reported.

Denver was very smart by being the first team to fall in line and I’ll tell you why.  As in their statement, they can claim that they accomplished everything they wanted to last week and now they can go back to honoring the flag, the country and the men and women who died to keep us free.

It’s probably not true but that’s not important.  It’s what it looks like and the way they frame it that counts.  But every other team that falls in line will look like sellouts and they will probably be boycotted by the Bernie Bros.

Here is the statement from the Denver Broncos as it appears in The Daily Caller

Last week, members of our team joined their brothers around the NFL in a powerful display of unity. It was an emotional time for everyone, including the fans who support us each and every week. As controversial as it appeared, we needed to show our collective strength and resolve.

Our voices needed to be heard loud and clear. Make no mistake — our actions were in no way a protest of the military, the flag, or those who keep us safe. We have nothing but the deepest love and respect for those who protect our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

While there’s no greater country, it’s not perfect. Inequalities still exist, and we have work to do in all forms of social justice. We can all do better.

Our locker room is one diverse place, and that’s what makes it so special. It’s where thoughtful, intelligent leaders from all different races, religions and backgrounds come together. We may have different values and beliefs, but there’s one thing we all agree on”

We’re a team and we stand together — no matter how divisive some comments and issues can be, nothing should ever get in the way of that.

Starting Sunday, we will be standing together.


For the record, the players taking a knee is not a First Amendment issue.  The First Amendment only protects free speech from the government.  Companies can limit your free speech if they decide your comments reflect badly on them or would alienate customers.  How many police officers in the past year were fired over social media posts?  There is no doubt that the kneeling is reflecting badly on the teams and is alienating their fans based on attendance and Neilson ratings.

And the protests have angered a number of fans, some of whom have recorded themselves burning team gear and tickets.

Look for team owners to remind players that their fat paychecks are dependent on the fans continuing to come to the games and spending money on snacks, drinks and souvenirs.  It’s a wake up call the majority will heed.


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