Mom’s response to assignment on Islam goes viral, gets user slapped by Facebook

fbcensorshipA viral picture that displays one mother’s response to a homework assignment on Islam was posted to the Facebook page of KGET, TV-17, in Bakersfield, California, and has sparked a great deal of discussion.  While the picture has been shared from KGET’s page over 110,000 times, it’s gotten at least one user slapped with a ban by Facebook’s Muslim overlords, who hate it anytime Islam is mentioned in an article.

The picture can be seen below, and it’s epic:

momtoschoolThe Conservative Tribune explained:

A California mom recently discovered what her teen had been learning about in his seventh grade class — and she was not happy.

Tara Cali opened her son’s history textbook to help him with his homework, and she noticed the lesson was all about Islam. The accompanying worksheet asked students to learn and list things such as the “Pillars of Islam” and “Islamic Beliefs and Practices.”

The assignment went as far as having an interactive code the students could scan with their cell phone to hear an actual Muslim call to prayer.

Enraged that her teenage child was being indoctrinated with the Islamic religion, Cali wrote an epic message back to the teacher on the worksheet.

But this is the response Facebook gave at least one individual who reached out to me once she was out of Facebook jail:

facebookban-friend-1facebookban-friend-2My source, who will remain anonymous for her own safety, explained:

A friend of mine posted this and this (name redacted) said she didnt (sic) have a problem with islam (sic) being taught in our schools she had lots of muslim friend (sic). So I wrote my comment to let her know what thougt (sic) and she reported me. FB sided with her. We can’t tell the truth on FB about the muslims. FB will silence us.

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Sadly, this has become far too common on Facebook.  Yours truly has had at least five articles falsely flagged as “unsafe” by Facebook, and guess what?  All five mentioned Islam.

Facebook executives and media spokespeople routinely say they support free speech.  The actions of their moderators, however, tell a different story.  One counter-terrorism expert said he was informed that Muslim groups are working with Facebook to silence critics.

Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has admitted he is working to stifle “negative” stories about the flood of Muslim migrants in Germany…

Now this… It’s hard to say just how many more have been slapped by Facebook over discussions prompted by this picture.


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