Milquetoast-in-Chief: No We Can’t

ph.obama_00989_5-9-08“Let’s assume we send 50,000 troops into Syria. What happens when there is a terrorist attack generated from Yemen? Do we then send more troops into there?”Barack Hussein Obama, 16 Nov. 2015.

I know the Oba-Drones believe no matter where he goes, this guy is automatically considered the smartest person in the room. But does the alleged Constitutional Law professor realize that we’re the same nation that won the Second World War?

For those who may have forgotten, without this nation, Britain would have fallen, China would have fallen, Russia would have fallen, Australia would have fallen. Every reputable military historian fully understands that the United States truly was the Arsenal of Democracy. Between Lend-Lease and over 16 million Americans in uniform – yeah, we really did save the world.

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Without a doubt, the Brits and Chinese and Russians and the Aussies would have fought like hell. Yet they still would have lost without the same good ol’ US of A that President Pantywaist seems to think couldn’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

Obama whines that deploying 50,000 troops to Syria AND the same to Yemen is somehow a non-starter and well… let’s be honest, he implies that’s something we just aren’t capable of.

Why is it that in 1945 a nation of 150 million could field a military of more than 16 million? But in 2015 a nation of well over 300 million can only man an armed forces (both active and reserve) of slightly over 2 million?

Oh, I know why. Most American youth are more worried about “safe spaces” and imaginary racists who wear sombreros on Halloween.

People of America, you need to nut up or shut up. We need to either kick the dog snot out of these ISIS, al-Qaeda and Taliban savages, or start ordering our womenfolk to wear burqahs, throw homosexuals off buildings, and slowly carve the heads off anyone who refuses to hit the prayer rug five times a day and chant “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet.

If this nation expects to win, the change begins by getting rid of the Kenyan-born, woman-hating interloper currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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