‘Millions of morons’: Josh Bernstein discusses Obama’s terror speech, Trump’s comments — Video

josh-bernstein1On Thursday, my good friend and talk show host Josh Bernstein shredded Barack Obama’s pathetic speech on the San Bernardino jihadist attack referring to the fact that “millions of morons” will buy into the president’s rhetoric.

“14 Americans were brutally murdered in the San Bernardino Shooting last week by Jihad Joe and Caliphate Jane and Osama’s response is to go after our Second Amendment rights?” Bernstein asked in the YouTube description.  “Barack Obama’s speech last week was chock full of lies and deception not to mention repetitive, stale, and mundane talking points. In this weeks show I completely disembowel his putrid, paltry arguments one by one in a fierce and ferocious manner.”

“Also,” he added,  “I examine Republican Front runner Donald J. Trump’s latest comments on putting a temporary halt on Muslims coming into America in detail and give you proof that he was correct when he said Muslims in America were cheering as the planes hit the Twin Towers on 9-11.”

“And finally,” he said in conclusion, “singer songwriter, veteran, and veteran advocate John Preston joined me to discuss his life, his music, and his mission to help those veterans who are suffering from PTSD. 22 Veterans a day commit suicide in this country. It is sickening to see our elected representatives not focusing in on this very important issue. Instead of helping those who gave everything to defend our country they are more concerned with bringing in those that want to destroy it. As TV Star Montel Williams said to me during our interview a few months back, ‘If we can’t take care of the BEST of us it brings out the WORST in us.’ God Bless our troops for sacrificing for us. Also, a tribute to loyal fan Nicholas Thalasinos.”

The video can be seen below, and I urge everyone to check it out:


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