Megyn Kelly – The Next Liberal Superstar

michael-moore-megyn-kellyDie-hard Oakland Raider fans, and I mean the Kenny Stabler, Jack Tatum and Ben Davidson Raider fans, were understandably upset when their beloved Silver and Black moved to Los Angeles. To add insult to injury, the final nail in the coffin was when Hollywood Raiders Howie Long and Marcus Allen posed for the cover of GQ. There was no joy in the Land of Oak.

Perhaps the same scenario is playing out at the Fox News Channel, specifically for newsreader Megyn Kelly. Yet what makes Kelly’s sudden skyrocketing from mere right-winger Fox News Babe to liberal superstar status is ironically emanating from the political far left. As reported by John Nolte of the new media portal Breitbart.com on Feb. 1, 2016, Kelly has MI-Megyn-Kelly-gettybeen invited to appear on hard left-leaning comedian Stephen Colbert’s post-Super Bowl “Late Show” airing.

As noted by Nolte, Colbert initially made his bona fides in the entertainment industry by “mocking Fox News on his low-rated Comedy Central show ‘The Colbert Report.‘” And as the Breitbart.com reporter also cites, Kelly has become quite the darling of the left since her opening salvo aimed directly at GOP contender Donald Trump during the FNC Republican Presidential Debate last summer, considered by Trump supporters a de facto verbal ambush devoid of objectivity or fairness.

Openly left-wing news sites such as MoveOn.org, The Huffington Post and the Daily Kos have sung the praises of Kelly over her provocative line of questioning towards The Donald. As far as she’s concerned, the rather comely talking head has been making moves that most Fox News viewers thought impossible up to just a few short months ago – a Fox News personality hobnobbing with the far left.

Case in point could be Kelly’s Howie-Long-Marcus-e81f2dcc62c08ee0049a0c98949d913cAllen-GQ-Magazine moment as she recently graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Yes, the same Vanity Fair that made their political positions quite clear in an article matter-of-factly entitled No Jokes, Please, We’re Liberal.

What could have been the final nail in Kelly’s popularity at FNC would be the newly coiffed Bowie-esque hostess sporting her brand spanking new androgynous ‘do, interviewing progressive luminary Michael Moore on her show The Kelly Report.

In a separate report, Nolte opined that Kelly’s segment with Moore was more of a “love-fest” than an unbiased and even-handed interview. Even the openly left-leaning Salon.com headlined their take on the interview also described as a “love fest.”

Between Breitbart.com and Salon.com, there very well could be some truth to their accusations of Kelly’s journalistic integrity leaving much to be desired. Between Moore heaping praises on Kelly, and Kelly’s girlish giggles in-between compliments, more softballs were thrown than at a slow-pitch tournament.

Nary a question was posed asking the über-liberal film maker with a carefully cultivated unemployed factory worker persona, complete with tattered ball cap and perpetually in need of a shave and a haircut, why he’s made a career of attacking capitalism, yet is far from even being qualified as upper middle class. As noted by CelebrityNetWorth.com, Moore has a fortune estimated as $50 million.

At times during the interview, the two certainly gave the impression that if not for the rather large acrylic table between them, FNC was about to delve into the curious world of soft-core pornography. But fret not romantics everywhere… the interview did end with Moore telling Kelly that he loved her.


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