Media Ignores DNC and DWS Being Sued By Democrat Voters For Fraud

You never know about some of the biggest stories in America, simply because the bigoted and biased lamestream media refuses to cover them.  Such is the case in the lawsuit brought forth by Democrat voters and donors to Bernie Sanders against both the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, claiming fraud.

The leaked emails to Wikileaks show that Schultz and the DNC did everything in its power to tip the scales in Hillary’s favor.

Should they win the lawsuit, the DNC could be bankrupted.  Imagine them having to reimburse all of Bernie’s contributor’s money to them.  It could amount to all the money the DNC will collect for the next four years or even longer.  Especially considering donors would know the money they contribute would go to the settlement.  In such a case, most would contribute to Super PACs instead.

DWS is named as a co-defendant.  This is bad for her as she could be held liable personally for a huge chunk of any settlement and it’s unlikely that the DNC would pick up her tab.  The settlement could occur before DWS has to face the voters in 2018 and assuming Bernie backers in her district either defeats her in a primary or fail to support her reelection, she could be out of a job.

According to Judicial Watch:

The mainstream media is conspicuously ignoring a newsworthy class-action lawsuit accusing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Florida congresswoman—Debbie Wasserman Schultz—who chaired it of fraud for skewing the party’s primaries to benefit Hillary Clinton. The drama is playing out in a south Florida federal court where 150 Democratic voters and donors are also accusing their party and Wasserman Schultz of breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, unjust enrichment, and negligent misrepresentation for secretly helping Clinton get the presidential nomination over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Despite the requirements in the Charter, and in spite of the multiple public declarations of neutrality and impartiality with respect to the Democratic primary process, the DNC was not neutral,” a 35-page complaint states. “To the contrary, the DNC was biased in favor of one candidate – Hillary Clinton (“Clinton”) – from the beginning and throughout the process. The DNC devoted its considerable resources to supporting Clinton above any of the other Democratic candidates. Through its public claims to being neutral and impartial, the DNC actively concealed its bias from its own donors as well as donors to the campaigns of Clinton’s rivals, including Bernie Sanders (“Sanders”).


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