Media to Florida Gov. Rick Scott: Break the law to help Hillary

Media demands Gov. Rick Scott break Florida law to help Hillary
Florida Gov. Rick Scott

As a result of Hurricane Matthew, the campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton implored Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) to extend voter registration.  Naturally, Clinton’s propaganda arm — also known as the “mainstream media” — has joined in that effort.  But, Newsbusters’ Kyle Drennen said Friday, such a move could be illegal.

According to Newsbusters:

In a Thursday article, while joining his press colleagues in warning that the severe storm could have “devastating consequences” for the November election, Slate’s Richard Hasen actually managed to report some key facts about Florida election law:

Even if Scott gives in and does extend those deadlines, he could be sued on the basis that such an extension is illegal, because it usurps the power of the Florida legislature to set the rules for presidential elections. Florida law gives the governor the power to delay an election, but apparently not to extend registration dates or make other election changes. Any changes in election rules by election administrators, the governor, or courts could be found to be illegal if not passed by the Florida legislature.

Drennen added:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

One of the arguments Clinton’s media allies used on Friday to ramp up pressure on Scott was that South Carolina extended its voter registration deadline due to the storm. On ABC’s Good Morning America, former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos pressed the governor: “The state of South Carolina has extended voting registration because so many lives have been disrupted. Why won’t you do that?”

Scott’s response to that question was epic:  “Look, we’ve had plenty of time to register.  Look, this is politics.  Right now I’m focused on getting… I’m — I’m getting this done.  I’m focused on saving everybody’s life.  The big issue for me is I want everybody to survive this.”

The answer, of course, is obvious to anyone with more than one functioning brain cell — which sadly, doesn’t seem to include many members of the media.  The laws in Florida are different than South Carolina, and Gov. Scott is more concerned with saving lives than helping Hillary Clinton.

Drennen continued:

…In the midst of whining about Scott’s refusal to comply with the Clinton campaign demand, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Friday, co-host Mika Brzezinski left the information slip: “South Carolina officials extended their voter registration deadline from October 8th to October 11th.”

The significance of that date is that October 11th is the same day of Florida’s current voter registration deadline. Why would Tuesday be too soon for Florida voters to register, but plenty of time for South Carolina voters to register? Especially since both states are dealing with a major natural disaster at the same time.

Rush Limbaugh explained it perfectly on Friday, when he said the media has essentially become one with the state, and anyone who goes against their message is an enemy of the state.


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