May She Rest in Everlasting Peace

women beheaded in oklahomaThis is Colleen Hufford, the 54-year old grandmother beheaded in Oklahoma. No one in the media seems to be showing her picture, yet the media has NO problem repeatedly showing ad-nauseum a picture of the murdering jihadi bast*d taken years ago instead of the way he looks today…in his muslim garb that is.

Another reason they are NOT showing her picture is because now her murder also becomes a black on white crime, and we know the media NEVER reports on that even though reverse racism perpetrated by the race-bating friends of this administration sadly runs rampant in our America today.

And while they are trying to deem Colleen’s murder as ‘workplace violence’ we know the truth…we know the sad truth about an innocent woman who NO longer walks among us because of a president who has let the infiltration of America move forward while he closes his eyes to the enemy now amongst us.

Rest in Peace dear Colleen…you will be remembered. 

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