Marine Faces Being Kicked Out Over Classified email- Hillary Remains for Same

brezlerpolicechiefWhy is it that what’s okay for one is never okay for another when it comes to politics?

Hillary Clinton is under scrutiny for passing along classified information in her private emails that ultimately got 4 men killed. U.S. Marine Reservist Major Jason Brezler  is facing discharge for sending along a classified email intended to prevent that very thing.


Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Intent vs intentional

Major Jason Brezler is a decorated Marine who has been deployed overseas 4- that’s FOUR- times. He sent an urgent email to FOB Delhi in Now Zad, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2013. That email advised the men on the other end that the Afghani police chief, Sarwar Jan,  was an immediate threat. He believed the file he sent had probably been declassified some time before. It was not.

The person on the other end of the email at first did not respond to it. When he did, it was relatively certain that he viewed it as a breach of security rather than a notification of imminent threat.

Sarwar Jan had been investigated previously when Brezler was in Afghanistan. He still had the file available and uploaded it to the officer.

That corrupt police chief brought an Afghan teen (along with several others) on base for his sick perversions. One teen shot three Marines to death as they worked out in the gym on base. All because no one paid attention to the email.

“I do not know, and cannot understand, how Jan was ever permitted to operate again with, in proximity to, Marine forces, let alone assume a command on a Marine FOB with an entourage of chai boys. Had senior Marine commanders paid attention to the dossier we prepared when we expelled Jan from Now Zad, or the Marine commanders responsible for FOB Delhi acted on the warning I sent in response to their urgent request, I believe the Marines murdered on FOB Delhi would be alive today.

…Nevertheless, no Marine commanders were ever disciplined for allowing Jan to assume a command on FOB Delhi, allowing him to bring an entourage of chai boys onto FOB Delhi, or failing to take any steps to protect Marines on FOB Delhi from the danger Jan posed. The Marine Corps did not even commence an investigation into the murders and the failures that allowed the murders to occur.” Jason Brezler

A transcript full of errors

To add insult to injury, the two generals who ruled against him (and were not present at the hearing) based their decision on the transcript of the trial that contained numerous errors, including passages marked as “inaudible.” According to the Daily Beast,

One witness who was critical to the defense reported that he found 47 mistakes in his testimony and could have found more but the “incredible number of ‘inaudible’ and outright errors was so great that I did not correct ones where I had no idea what was said exactly.”

Other witnesses said much the same, with one declaring himself “disgusted with the transcript,” adding that the “record is so bad I can barely make out what I was saying and it’s my testimony.”

Brezler’s fate was already decided

Yes, he violated protocol. No doubt about it. On his hard drive were documents that were left over from his days in Afghanistan – ones that had not been opened since they were  downloaded, and which Brezler did not realize were there.

This action smacks of a deliberate attempt to destroy Brezler, and is a hallmark of the United States government regarding anyone who does something that may interfere with the government’s agenda in Afghanistan or anywhere else in the Middle East. A corrupt police chief would fall into that category…as it did for the members of Raven 23 in Iraq.

Hillary is running for president and unless someone throws her in prison for revealing the location of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens via email, she could become the leader of America. (Horrors). Are her crimes ok? This man who wanted to save lives is being punished and she is still in the race for president.

Does this seem right to you?

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