Lt Col Ralph Peters: Better a Million Dead North Koreans Than a Thousand Dead Americans [VIDEO]

Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters was on Fox News and he made no attempt to hide his support for a preemptive strike against North Korea.  He said it’s more ethical to strike a devastating blow to the North Korean regime of ill-tempered Kim Jong-Un than to wait and strike after North Korea has killed tens or even hundreds of Americans.

Peters said:

“Better a million dead North Koreans than a thousand dead Americans. The fundamental reason our government exists is to protect our people and our territory. Everything else is a grace note. And the words we never should hear in regard to North Korea’s nuclear threats are “We should’ve done something.”

From The Blaze:

He reasoned that a strike against North Korea, however “terrible,” could very well save American lives.

“A pre-emptive strike against Kim Jong Un’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs would be a terrible thing, demanding a vast military effort (if done properly) and leaving broad destruction in its wake,” Peters said.

“But that terrible option increasingly appears to be the least bad option,” he mused. “The question is whether we’ll delay action until it’s too late to save American lives.”

Peters went on to make his case about the ethics of an assault:

“When we’re threatened with nuclear destruction by North Korea,” he wrote, “a military response is not unethical.”

“Inviting a North Korean attack by hesitating endlessly — then witnessing the slaughter of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of our citizens — would be unethical and immoral,”

Peters said that initiating an attack against North Korea is a much wiser decision than sitting back and doing nothing until a large number of Americans are killed.  He said that waiting for North Korea first to salve the consciences of the “shield the consciences of intellectual elites”  cannot be allowed to happen.

Peters also pointed out that decades of negotiations with North Korea have been an utter failure and there is no honor in allowing such an attack.  He also said that any such attack should be quick and conclusive and not jjust a matter of sending a message.  That could lead to a vicious retaliatory attack by Jong-Un.

Despite hoping for a peaceful solution to the North Korean conflict, Peters said that the “irresponsible claim that there’s no military solution” is categorically “false.”

“Of course, there’s a military solution,” he said. “It’s horrible, but pulling triggers may be the only option feckless diplomats and prevaricating administrations have left us to protect our people and territory.”

Adding that he does “not relish death or human suffering,” Peters concluded his fiery commentary with an ominous warning:

We cannot allow moral relativism to butcher Americans. We must deal with the world as it is, not as we wish it to be. And in the real world, the greatest immorality in war is not killing the enemy. The greatest immorality would be for our country to lose.

Remember, just one bad launch of missiles like the recent thermonuclear device could prove fatal to a large number of people.  Do we really want to wait?  Liberals will be crying that any retaliatory strikes were excessive and unnecessary.  That’s why the vast majority of our great generals have been Republicans.


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