Low-info libs march to stop non-existent global warming, call for socialist revolution

protest3There hasn’t been any global warming for 18 years, but that didn’t stop the low-information left from holding their “freak-out” for climate change — named the “People’s Climate March” — on Sunday.

Naturally, they called for an end to capitalism through a socialist revolution.  Because that’s what liberals want — an end to the free market system and global tyranny.

But some socialists, it seems, are perfectly fine with capitalism — as long as it helps them out:

And trust me, it’s way overpriced — by at least a dollar.

But there was a whole lot of crazy out there today:


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But environmentalism is just the latest home for the radical communist left.  No surprise, really, as Examiner notes:

The protest, according to The Daily Caller’s Michael Bastach, is supported by hundreds of groups, including SEIU, the Communist Party USA, the Socialist Party USA and various state chapters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. In short, a literal who’s who of leftist groups support the protest calling for an end to capitalism.

The Democratic Socialists of America, Ecosocialist Horizons, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Freedom Socialist Party, the International Socialist Organization, Socialist Action and the Socialist Alternative also support the march, Bastach added. Groups representing Jews, Sikhs and Buddhists also support the effort.

In other words, the entire “destroy America” coalition was out today.  And they’ve made their goals clear.

Well, maybe not everyone.  This was posted by my good friends at Weasel Zippers, and I’m still at a loss trying to figure this out…

“This one may take the prize,” Nickarama wrote.  I agree…