Looks like media deliberately ignores facts it doesn’t like

Alan Gottlieb and Phil Shave delivered I-591 petitions in Olympia last year
Alan Gottlieb and Phil Shave delivered I-591 petitions in Olympia last year

In the midst of Washington State’s on-going gun rights versus gun control battle of the “dueling initiatives,” it is beginning to appear to a fair number of firearms activists that news agencies in the Evergreen State may be deliberately overlooking strong rank-and-file law enforcement opposition to an 18-page gun control measure already endorsed by the Seattle Times.

Initiative 594 is a confusing measure that is being sold to the public as a so-called “universal background check” package. There has been much written about the support it has from various community and faith-based groups, but so far, there has been an absence of attention to the significant opposition from law enforcement professionals.

The Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs, and the Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association – groups representing some 5,500 police and sheriff’s deputies – are on record opposing the scheme. Many critics believe that the media wants to downplay, if not completely cover up this opposition for fear that it will sway public opinion against the initiative.

On the other hand, both police organizations support Initiative 591, which protects the current background check system and also prohibits government gun confiscation without due process.

I-594 is getting huge financial support from wealthy Seattle-area elitists, and from Michael Bloomberg’s $50 million “grassroots” group “Everytown for Gun Safety.”

Against that financial juggernaut, the underdog Protect Our Gun Rights campaign is fighting on a shoestring budget.

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