Liberal snowflake so triggered by conservative reading assignment she contacts MSNBC

On Thursday, Twitchy brought us the story of a young liberal snowflake attending the University of St. Francis who was so upset that she had to read a conservative article that she actually contacted liberal media outlets, including MSNBC.

Twitchy responded:


The nerve!

The horror!

Alert the media…

That’s precisely what she did…

Oh noes!  The horror!

Naturally, she got hammered on social media:

One person tried to give this poor snowflake a lesson in reality:


And keep in mind, CATO is far more libertarian than conservative, as one person explained.

Twitchy continued:

This is YUGE news, massive even. A college professor expects a college student to read something she might disagree with?! When do the protests start?

Ugh, how do these people keep this level of nutty up?

Maybe it’s all part of the magical resistance?


Oddly enough, her Twitter profile states:

Politics, Yoga to deal with politics, Yogini, Healthcare provider, single payer advocate, medical sociology, liberal lover, Pro-life AFTER birth, RESIST

That pretty much says it all…

Sounds like it already is…

Apparently, she didn’t get that memo.

Meanwhile, she posts this from the Trump-hating CNN, calling Trump the “worst” president and asking:

What’s really scary is that this is the generation that will one day grow up to run the country.

God help us.

And we end with this final note to snowflakes like this who think they’re the center of the universe.

You’re not the center of the universe.  That was actually found at the intersection of 6th and Bank Streets in Wallace, Idaho.  Here’s proof:

Center of the Universe
Center of the Universe, Wallace, Idaho.


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