Liberal Salon suggests prospective gun owners be shot first

gun2Yesterday, we reported that Hillary Clinton said that Australian-style gun confiscation is something that is “worth considering.”  Leave it to the leftist maniacs at Salon to go even further.

In an article published at the left-wing hate site, Salon’s D. Watkins actually suggested that prospective gun owners be shot first so they can “understand the pain of being shot.”  They even promoted their hate on Twitter:

salonhate1That’s right, folks — the hatemongers at Salon want you DEAD!!!

This didn’t go over too well on Twitter, as you can imagine.

That frequently happens on Facebook, so…

Of course, this is the type of “journalism” we expect from the low-information hatemongers at Salon.

“Yeah,” Twitchy said, “the author of that article might want to think it through a little more.”

But that would require the ability to think and reason, something that appears to be a challenge for the folks over at Salon.

Nevertheless, Salon’s D. Watkins proved yet again that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  It’s enough to make you think they really do want a second, bloody civil war in America.

Exit question: Wonder if Salon agrees with Mike Dickinson, the Virginia moonbat who said he was okay with exterminating the five million members of the NRA?


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