Liberal loon on MSNBC: Bombing ISIS won’t work because bombs kill people

moonbatlibWhile appearing on the official network of insane liberal hate, a.k.a. MSNBC, alleged Middle East “expert” Phyllis Bennis said bombs won’t work against ISIS, the radical Islamist group that gets its jollies by beheading children, because — wait for it — bombs kill people.  Seriously.

Bennis, taking on the role of leftover hippy, whined that “bombs NEVER work,” and, “bombs KILL people, I don’t think that’s a humanitarian act.”  Last I looked, neither is murdering children because they’re Christians, but liberals don’t seem too upset about that.

Soopermexican noted at The Right Scoop:

Yes, Phyllis, bombs kill people. When they kill people that are beheading children and selling women into slavery, that’s a humanitarian act. She also sounds like the anti-gun rights nuts who imagine that guns are going around shooting people on their own – apparently Phyllis has seen bombs going around the Middle East recruiting terrorists. Which is stupid. Bombs don’t even have hands, how would they hold the clipboards? See?!

Here’s the video:

Maybe she would prefer we dropped bags of lollipops…


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