Liberal hatemongers attack Washington Redskins for wishing happy Thanksgiving

Washington Redskins Training Camp August 4, 2011Liberals aren’t a happy bunch at all, and they generally will take any opportunity to spread misery and hate every chance they get.

So it’s no surprise that leftist hatemongers on Twitter got their collective panties in a wad after the Washington Redskins issued a tweet wishing a Happy Thanksgiving.

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That was too much for leftists to handle.

Shots fired?  Seriously?  Are leftists really this angry over everything?  Apparently so.

One person asked:

What happened is that liberals are so thin-skinned they get offended at everything.

One liberal posted:

What???  There you have it — liberal “logic.”

That would be the Newspeak Dictionary, U.S. Liberal edition.  Don’t worry, you’ll never have a fully updated version because liberals are always offended at something and there’s no telling what word they’ll hate next.

Really? So the Redskins should “sit out” a major national holiday because some liberals are, to use the modern vernacular, “butthurt?”

Don’t hold your breath…

One person wondered:

The Redskins aren’t the ones with a problem.  Perpetually-outraged liberals, on the other hand, do.  And it’s entirely due to the fact that theirs is an ideology based on rage and hate.

In the meantime, have a happy Thanksgiving.


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