Liberal hatemonger to conservative mom: ‘I would love to let a jackass rape you’

lynchmobIn late June, I wrote about Holly Fisher, a conservative mother whose baby lost her heart doctor due to Obamacare.  She’s been busy since then, posting a photo on Twitter that made liberals’ heads explode across the country.

Naturally, Twitchy said Sunday, liberals responded as they always do – with hate.  But one hatemonger went the extra mile to establish his liberal creds by telling Fisher he’d like to see her raped and stoned.

The tweets — and the entire account that sent them — are now gone, but Twitchy captured them for posterity:

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kasprikhate1Then, acting like the stereotypical leftist bully, he cried foul when conservatives called him out for his hatred, claiming they engaged in hate:

kasprikhate2Fisher responded with a picture of her rape whistle:

Kasprik, however, wasn’t finished:

kasprikhate3Right — so, rape and death is satire as long as it comes from a liberal…

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it — liberalism is an ideology of rage and hate and liberals prove it every single day.



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