Liberal fascism: Advertisers bow to Media Matters campaign, pull ads from Hannity

On Wednesday, Breitbart reported that companies are bowing to pressure resulting from a Media Matters propaganda campaign and are pulling their ads from Fox News’ Hannity after he pledged to continue investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of murdered DNC employee Seth Rich.

According to Breitbart:

Companies including, Peloton, and Leesa Sleep have all given in to pressure to cease advertising on the show over Hannity’s pursuit of now retracted claims made by Fox News that murdered DNC employee Seth Rich had contact with Wikileaks before his death.

On Tuesday evening, Hannity invited internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom onto his show to discuss his claim that Seth Rich had provided Wikileaks with internal Democratic party emails.

However, after Rich’s family sent a letter to Fox demanding that Hannity not host KimDotcom, the appearance was cancelled, with Hannity saying he made the decision “out of respect for the family’s wishes.”

“I totally and completely understand how upset and how hard this is on this family, especially over the recent coverage of Seth’s death,” he said. “I’ve been communicating with them. I got a very heartfelt note. I also sent them a heartfelt note back.”

As we reported earlier, Hannity said that he would not be commenting on the issue for the time being.

“However, out of respect for the family’s wishes, for now, I am not discussing this matter at this time,” he said.

He later said that he had “retracted nothing” and would continue to “try to get to the truth.”

On Wednesday, the conservative talker accused George Soros, David Brock of Media Matters, and Hillary Clinton of “liberal fascism,” after advertisers were reportedly “inundated with emails” from liberal groups asking them to stop advertising on his show.

According to Media Matters,, Casper, Crowne Plaza, Leesa Sleep, Peloton, and USAA have pulled their advertising from his program.

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Hannity, Breitbart added, is the second Fox News pundit to come under fire from liberals seeking to strip conservatives of their right to free speech.

One person wondered:

Hannity also expressed appreciation for the support he received:

Make no mistake, this is just the latest shot in the left’s propaganda war against conservative media.


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