Liberal Evergreen State College Punishes 80 Students For Black Rage

Liberal Evergreen State College has punished 80 students who participated in black rage protests against the college and their classmates, all of whom they accused of racism.  Their story mirrors that of the University of Missouri.  They allowed their students to shut down the college and threaten and harass professors and staff.  As a result, their freshman class numbers have dropped significantly.

Now, the college has decided to punish 80 students who broke the rules of conduct at the college.  The punishments include a formal letter that goes into their student file to community service to suspension.  The college recently paid a professor and his wife, who is also a professor, half a million dollars for the school’s failure to protect them, causing them to go into hiding.

From The Daily Caller

 School officials at the 4,000-student school received approximately 120 incident reports involving 180 students during the days-long series of protests, reports The Olympian, the main newspaper in the town surrounding Evergreen State.

“Of those 180 students, approximately 80 were found responsible for their actions,” Evergreen State spokeswoman Sandra Kaiser told The Olympian. “They received sanctions ranging from formal warnings, community service and probation, to suspension.”

The students broke various rules in Evergreen’s student conduct code, Kaiser said.

The details and extent of the punishments for the 80 students remain unclear.

An unidentified person who does not attend Evergreen State was also “subsequently arrested and permanently barred from campus,” Evergreen State spokesman Zach Powers told The Olympian.

Weinstein was driven into hiding by student radicals for expressing his opinion during the Evergreen State protests.

Protesters accused various administrators of racism during a bizarrely combative campus meeting at which some protesters asked white students to remain in the back of the room.

Video footage of a confrontation involving malcontent students and school president George Bridges shows student protesters going berserk, obscenely screaming about “racist white teachers” and “white-a**ed administrators.” There are the obligatory “black power” slogans.

The footage shows students yelling at the school administrators cute little slogans like “F–k you” and “F–k the police” and mixing in a generous helping of  “whiteness is the most violent f–kin’ system to ever breathe!”  Personally, I would have expelled the students to prevent a repeat of their vile behavior.

The school was shut down for three days and the administrators asked students to evacuate the campus and to stop carry weapons like baseball bats and other objects while acting as vigilantes patrolling the school.

Will this action convince new students to begin enrolling at the college?  I doubt it.  The school administrators laid down and allowed the black radicals to run the campus and harass white students, professors and administration officials.  Who needs that?  There are plenty of universities and colleges who refuse to let their students take over their campus such as Ohio State.

The students finally got it in their heads that the school administrators were deadly serious and they quietly left the building without further incidents.

Students have the right to protest, but they do not have the right to disrupt the entire school or call every white person a racist or a white supremacist.


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