Left Lines Up Against Georgia Gov-Elect Brian Kemp- with Lies

Failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams refuses to call Georgia Gov-elect Brian Kemp “legitimate.” He won by a margin of about 55,000 votes. According to Fox and others, she accuses him of voter suppression, and says “democracy failed.”

“I acknowledge that former Secretary of State Brian Kemp will be certified victor in the 2018 gubernatorial elections. But to watch an elected official — who claims to represent the people of this state, baldly pin his hopes for election on the suppression of the people’s democratic right to vote — has been truly appalling.” Stacey Abrams

First of all, this is NOT a democracy, it’s a republic. As far as the “democratic right to vote”- the roles were purged because of those who did NOT vote. How can you “disenfranchise” voters when they don’t vote?

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Ari Berman is just one person complaining about the election. He writes for the liberal publication MotherJones. Norm Eisen, a former ambassador under Barack Obama, also says the election was tainted.

“1.5 million purged by Brian Kemp, 53k registrations on hold”: the Supreme Court ruled back in June that the law to purge voter roles when people have not voted in at least two Federal elections was ok. The court was split in its decision, with Conservatives having the majority. The decision was regarding a case filed against Ohio for removing people from the voter roles, primarily because of inactivity, but also for reasons of inaccurate information.

It was NOT something that was caused by Gov-elect Brian Kemp. It was the law. The law being something that Democrats disregard on a regular basis.

“In Georgia, registered voters who fail to vote for three years and then don’t respond to a letter from the state are moved to “inactive status.” Inactive voters can still participate in elections. Voters who remain inactive for two federal election cycles without voting or having any other contact with election officials are removed from voter rolls.

Ohio’s voting law is similar to Georgia’s, except registered voters in Ohio become ineligible in two years instead of three. Ohio officials said the state only uses the disputed process after first comparing its voter lists with a U.S. Postal Service list of people who have reported a change of address. But not everyone who moves notifies the post office, the state said.” Politics myajc article June 2018[Emphasis mine]

So there you have it- Democrats fight fight fight when they lose, and scream racism, voter suppression, and every other thing that grabs the attention of the left. But the law means nothing to them, and in the case of Georgia, the sore loser syndrome is at work in the refusal to even concede the election in a graceful manner.

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