Kaine claims son wouldn’t have been prosecuted for mishandling classified info like Clinton — But that’s not what he said in June

Kaine said something quite different in June.

Pence beats Kaine in VP debateDuring Tuesday’s vice-presidential debate, Democrat Tim Kaine claimed that his son — a member of the military — wouldn’t have been prosecuted if he treated classified information the same way Hillary Clinton did, the Washington Free Beacon reported.  Gov. Mike Pence corrected him, but Kaine’s statement flies in the face of what he said during a June appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

According to the Free Beacon:

Sen. Tim Kaine (D., Va.) said at the vice-presidential debate on Tuesday that his son, as a member of the military, would not have been prosecuted had he handled classified information in the same manner that Hillary Clinton did with her private server.

When responding to Kaine’s comments on what a Clinton administration would do about increasing cybersecurity, Gov. Mike Pence (R., Ind.) said it was important to note Clinton’s disregard of security measures when it came to her private server.

“I will also tell you, it is important in this moment to remember that Hillary Clinton had a private server in her home that had classified information on it about drone strikes, emails from the president of the United States of America were on there,” he said. “Her private server was subject to being hacked by foreign powers. We could put cybersecurity first if we just make sure the next secretary of state doesn’t have a private server.”

“If your son or my son handled classified information the way Hillary Clinton did, they would be court-martialed,” Pence told Kaine.

“That is absolutely false and you know that,” Kaine said in response.

(Editor’s note: As a veteran who dealt with classified information, let me clarify something — Kaine’s son certainly would be court-martialed for mishandling classified information– and he knows it full well.)

Here’s video of that exchange:

Compare that to what Kaine said in June (statement starts at about the 7:52 mark):

“I can’t take classified information I get as a Senator and give it to somebody with no consequence,” he said.

So which is it?  Are there consequences for mishandling classified information or not?  Or does it all depend on what your last name is?

I think we all know the answer to that…


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