Judge Issues Smackdown Order Against Administration

Judge Andrew Hanen  said that the DOJ attorneys displayed “unethical conduct” by misleading the court last year. He wrote an order demanding that every single attorney that argues immigration for the DOJ attend ethics classes yearly for the next 5 years…and he ordered A.G. Loretta Lynch to produce a plan within 60 days that would prevent the situation from occurring ever again.

“Their conduct is certainly not worthy of any department whose name includes the word ‘Justice.'”

That’s not counting barring any of the attorneys involved in last year’s case to NEVER appear in his courtroom again.

She also must prepare a list of attorneys who attend the ethics classes annually.

Judge Andrew Hanen

What ticked off the judge?

In 2015, Judge Hanen ordered the Obama Administration NOT to issue 100,000 visas to illegal immigrants because of the lawsuit brought by 26 states. They issued them anyway.

“Clearly, there seems to be a lack of knowledge about or adherence to the duties of professional responsibility in the halls of the Justice Department…The Justice Department purports to represent all Americans — not just those who are in favor of whatever actions the Department is seeking to prosecute or defend. The end result never justifies misconduct.” Judge Hanen

In a 28 page order, the judge also ordered Lynch to produce a list of names and addresses of every single person that was granted benefits under the implementation of the immigration program (DAPA/DACA).

They can’t find the forest for the trees, let alone illegal immigrants

That order may be difficult to accomplish, since the DHS can’t even track people missing from the refugee executive order, let alone the illegal immigrants.

“The propriety of the Defendants’ actions now lies with the Supreme Court, but the question of how to deal with the conduct, or misconduct, of their counsel rests with this Court…To that end, this Court neither takes joy nor finds satisfaction in the issuance of this Order… [the DOJ]  has now admitted making statements that clearly did not match the facts. It has admitted that the lawyers who made these statements had knowledge of the truth when they made these misstatements.”

The judge did not place any financial aspects on his order because he said it “would only impact the taxpayers” and they’ve had enough burden to bear.

Barring attorneys

The Supreme Court is expected to review the President’s executive Order on Immigration in June.

Breitbart reported,

“Judge Hanen wrote that he “does not have the power to disbar the counsel in this case,” but in a sealed order, barred the DOJ lawyers who had appeared in his court from ever appearing before his Court again.

The Court took the effort and ‘notes that to its knowledge none of the acts cited in this or prior orders were committed by attorneys from the United States Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Texas. To date, without exception, these attorneys have acted and continue to act, in this Court’s experience, with honor, professionalism and forthrightness.'”

Judge Hanen issued a separate order that bars any of the attorneys that were involved in the immigration case in February from ever appearing in his courtroom again. His orders are a smackdown to the administration’s improper practices in prosecutions.

Now we must watch this judge’s back, as we know full well that attacking Obama and his minions can be dangerous.


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