Joy Behar calls Bill Clinton’s victims ‘tramps’; Juanita Broaddrick responds

Joy Behar says Clinton's victims are tramps.On Monday, “The View” co-host Joy Behar attacked Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse victims, calling them “tramps,” the Daily Caller reported.  Worse yet, the liberal audience laughed in response.

“[Clinton] was being nice about the fact that her daughter was in the audience,” Behar said, before stating she would have liked to see Clinton “apologize to those tramps who have slept with [her] husband.”

Here’s video of the segment, if you can stand it:

“Shame on you, Joy,” Broaddrick said on Twitter in response to Behar’s comment.

Behar, the Daily Caller said, “agreed with her co-host Whoopi Goldberg that Clinton’s accusers are partially to blame since they knew Bill Clinton was a married man.

So much for the idea that women who allege sexual abuse are to be believed no matter what.

Broaddrick and three other Clinton victims were at Sunday’s debate, along with the woman who was raped when she was 12.  Hillary Clinton defended the rapist, then later laughed about it, admitting she knew he was guilty.

The look on Bill Clinton’s face said it all:

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Clinton - look


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