Californians Exercised Civil Disobedience at Skateboard Park

Venice Beach – Californians exercised civil disobedience to basically tell city leadership to pound sand. Literally. When city leaders filled a skateboard park with sand as we previously reported, young folks turned the skateboard park into a dirt bike track. Never mind the police tape across the entrances. Some even just swept away the sand and skated anyway.

So what did the city think was going to happen anyway? This is America! And skateboarding keeps the young folks out of trouble. But no…the city pulled a vindictive stunt designed to punish those ‘bad’ kids and their ‘bad’ parents for not “social distancing.” So in true American fashion, Californians exercised civil disobedience and took care of the problem.

Others turned it into a dirt bike track:

The responses on Twitter were priceless.

“Dammit, I love this country!”

“This is the kind of positivity I need right now!”

“I still say the government officials who signed off on this petty power play should be forced to dig out completely.”

“WHY THE FRACK is a SKATEPARK deemed a dangerous place. It healps kids to stay healthy! WHAT THE FRACK IS going on??? These petty local dictators tyranny must be STOPPED.”

“These guys got skills! Organizing, staffing, allocation of tool and equipment. Working toward established goals. Effective execution. Good for them, skate on brothers.”

“The absolute best kind of civil disobedience.”

“I wonder… was this done with the expectation that teenagers would end up doing free labor and clean up after the city’s childish decision to do this? This is probably the most immature, mean-spirited thing I’ve seen a local government do to enforce a public closure.It would be the equivalent of pouring gravel and tar down playground slides as a way to deter people from using them after cities decided to close down playground equipment. Whoever is in charge of this city… voters seriously need to reevaluate this person.”

“Good to see them all working together to overcome this government overreach. Good on them.”

“I thought all the gov’ts in CA were broke? They waste money on putting sand in the skate park? No Federal bailout for any CA gov’t!”

@dribbletron posted this photo:

This tweet from Mike B says it all:

“I love it, don’t let govt use this virus to control your every movement, this is how this total govt control of the masses begins. These kids have more American spirit than all the Politicians.”

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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