James O’Keefe Infiltrates Illegal Alien Compound In Tucson By Posing As Homeless, Drunk Vagrant (Video)

(Natural News) He has done it again. Investigative undercover journalist James O’Keefe successfully infiltrated an illegal alien compound in Tucson to expose the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are aiding illegal migrants in breaking into the United States without permission.

O’Keefe dressed up as a homeless, drunk vagrant to enter the Ramada Inn in Tucson, which was recently converted into an illegal immigration compound called Casa Alitas.

Funded in part by Catholic Community Services of Tucson, this secret operation to facilitate illegal migrant entry into America is enriching groups like Las Palmas that are helping refugees who are “lying about sponsors,” meaning they are not telling the truth about who is funding and helping them invade the country.

With hidden cameras embedded in his disguise, O’Keefe entered the facility and captured on tape police officers admitting that refugees are not telling the truth about who is paying for their stay at the Ramada Inn, which is providing free lodging, breakfast, lunch, hygienic services and Wi-Fi internet for as long as they need before continuing on their way.

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One of the migrants shared with another undercover journalist working alongside O’Keefe that the NGOs helping illegal migrants “get paid no matter what.” The question is: from who?

(Related: Last year, O’Keefe captured footage suggesting that Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News at the order of Dominion Voting Systems and the pharmaceutical industry.)

Illegal gang members flooding America

Leftist claims that all the illegals pouring in are just helpless innocents looking for a better life in the “land of the free” were proven false through O’Keefe’s investigation, which revealed that obvious gang members are flooding across the border without resistance.

Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) agents often recognize or suspect that certain migrants are gang members, but they still allow them to pass through unabated.

“They will ask about gang tattoos but Border Patrol still lets those people in,” one of the other migrants told an O’Keefe journalist.

Ashley St. Clair, who works alongside O’Keefe in his journalistic efforts, was able to speak with a taxi driver while she posed as a local ministry outreach member. The taxi driver told St. Clair that while Catholic Community Services is providing services to illegal migrants, the organization “do[es]n’t treat them well.”

“They scare them,” the taxi driver revealed, explaining that he works with the migrant population in the area on a regular basis.

O’Keefe himself was also able to approach local police officer Deputy Carter about a bus that arrived while he was at the Ramada Inn. The bus was filled with what appeared to be illegal immigrants, but the police officer would not admit to this.

“Sir, I’m not on the bus,” the officer told O’Keefe when he asked Deputy Carter about one of several buses filled with migrants that pulled up behind her.

O’Keefe later shared the following image to X showing all of the officers he encountered during the investigation:

“Why are our county deputies being used to facilitate movement and hiding illegals?” asked retired Pima County Board of Supervisors (BOD) District 1 official of the Pima County, Ariz., sheriff’s office.

“Pima County taxpayers deserve an answer!”

Another person responded to this that the law enforcement officers in question are likely “being paid off to look the other way.”

“Dirty stuff going on in those places,” the X user added.

More related news about America’s southern border crisis can be found at InvasionUSA.news.

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