Jake Gardner, Marine Veteran, Bar Owner, Kills Rioter in Self-Defense; Authorities Charge Him, He Commits Suicide

Jake Gardner was a Marine Veteran who owned a couple of businesses in Omaha, Nebraska. As a Trump supporter, he had been targeted by leftists for years. On May 30, just after the George Floyd  incident, riots broke out in Omaha.  As the owner of two bars, Gatsby and Hive, he was on “fire watch” to protect his businesses from rioters and looters. After “protesters” (rioters) violently shoved his elderly father to the ground, he was attacked and placed in a chokehold. He fired his weapon and one of the rioters died. Jake Gardner killed himself on Sunday after authorities decided to charge him, and his GoFundMe account for legal expenses was ripped down. (Gateway Pundit)

jake gardner
L-Jake Gardner; R-James Scurlock

The Tragedy of Jake Gardner

After the prosecutor and police reviewed the footage from inside the bar, it was  determined to be self-defense and no charges were filed. But under serious public pressure, the DA sent the case to a Grand Jury, and a Special Prosecutor Frederick Franklin, who is a member of a Black-only attorney group, decided to file charges. Why? Because Jake Gardner’s Traumatic Brain Injury and references to ‘military style fire watch’ on his social media and phone made the grand jury believe killing the rioter was intentional. They called it a “terroristic threat.” He was to be charged with manslaughter, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, attempted first-degree assault and making terrorist threats, and planned to turn himself in on Monday.


“Jake Gardner watched his bar windows get broken out, yes, literally watched, there is video, and his 70-year-old father violently assaulted. He brandished his weapon to alert several incoming assailants that he had one, was tackled by them, fired it as a warning to back away, and after yelling ‘get off me’ several times while being choked from behind, used his weapon to free himself from his assailant. Unfortunately, his assailant, James Scurlock, was fatally injured in that process. Almost immediately Jake Gardner was cleared of all wrongdoing by DA Don Kleine for the unfortunate death of Scurlock in a clear, open-and-shut case of self defense…

…soon social justice warriors did what they always do, attempt to hold court, and change laws, and ruling socially. Any business who spoke out for Gardner, or against Scurlock was boycotted, or had groups of protesters attempt to block entry into their establishment. Any person who spoke for Gardner was immediately labeled a bigot, and a racist. Finally, a group of protesters surrounded DA Don Kleine’s home, and shortly after he agreed to appoint a grand jury to retry the case…

…Franklin appeased the mob of racists parading as social justice warriors, and the city of Omaha, to avoid a riot and bad headlines by throwing a string of charges at Jake, all of which would be very difficult to prove. Franklin called ‘military style fire watch’ a terroristic threat, turned firing off two warning shots in clear defense into a felony, claimed Jake was assaulted first, and turned what was a clear case of self defense into manslaughter.” JD Sharp, friend of Gardner

All this negative publicity had left Jake Gardner public enemy number one in Omaha. With the knowledge of pending charges, he put up a GoFundMe account for his legal expenses. Scurlock’s family also put one up. GoFundMe ripped down Gardner’s account, leaving up the one for Scurlock. It was the last straw for Gardner – he took his own life on Sunday.

Jake Gardner was in the crosshairs of the radical left for years. Everything from a trans-bathroom added to his businesses, to his political stance – he was under constant attack. For a man who had been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury from his deployments to Iraq, this Marine veteran was just trying to be a good citizen.

A local activist named Ja Keen Fox had allegedly been behind the doxxing of Gardner’s parents and other “social justice actions.” But his rhetoric was partly to blame for the Marine veteran’s troubles.


The bottom line here? Jake Gardner was not a “white supremacist” because he defended his property and his life. Using a military term for defending that property does not mean he was racist. This video from Inauguration Day in 2017 shows the real heart of this Marine:

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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