It’s Not the Democrat’s Fault


I have heard many people making a big deal out of the Democrats erasing God from their platform.  This is untrue and unfair.  They left God out of their platform in response to the law firm of Webster, Lincoln, Mason, and Jay.

Webster, Lincoln, Mason, and Jay

777 Pearly Gates Drive



To whom it may concern at the DNC,

Our client, God, has retained us to issue to you a cease and desist order in using his name to advertise your product.  You are to forthwith remove all mention of the plantiff from all ads, platforms, and debates.

A) Whereas the defendants endorse senseless murder (abortion)

B) Whereas the defendants endorse theft (Confiscatory tax)

C)  Whereas the defendants endorse graven images

D) Whereas the defendants endorse coveting property

E) Whereas the defendants place other gods before Him

F) Whereas the defendants endorse elimination of parental rights(honor)

G) Whereas the defendants endorse the bearing of false witness

H)  Whereas the defendants endorse the taking of His name in vain

I) Whereas the defendants endorse adultery (taxpayers get screwed daily)


For these and many other reasons, the defendants attempt to tie the plaintiff to their policies, committing fraud intentionally, we order you to cease and desist immediately, otherwise we will have no choice but to begin court procedings against you on behalf of our client and all mankind.

Daniel Webster, Esq.

Abraham Lincoln, Esq.

Perry Mason, Esq

John Jay, Esq

(Darrow went the other way)

Faced with legal action and without a hope of winning in a court of law, democrats removed God from their platform.  They did this to mollify God, and just to be sure, they moved Obama’s acceptance speech inside, where it would be harder to strike him down for lies above and beyond the call of duty.

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