ISIS and Islam…One and the Same

quran1 coverWhile Obama continues pushing Congress to approve a $500 million arms package for the Syrian opposition…as in the anything but ‘moderate’ Free Syrian Army who continues to have ties to both ISIS and al-Qaeda…Secretary of State John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry was in Paris trying to finalize a strategy against ISIS. And while NO Arab country in attendance would commit to participating in air strikes against Syria, Kerry claims he has some Arab countries on board to participate in air strikes against ISIS in Iraq…but he nor Obama will name those nations ‘supposedly’ on board until later this week.

Hmmm…red flags must be raised when you can’t name those ‘supposedly’ allied with you…kind of makes you wonder who Obama and Kerry think they’re fooling as many of the Arab countries at this strategy meeting actually funded ISIS in the past…and some still do to one degree or another. And when you add in that Iraq’s (ceremonial) Kurdish President Fouad Massoum does NOT want Egypt, the UAE, or Saudi Arabia to participate in any air strikes at all, you have to wonder just who the enemy really is and who in the Arab world is actually against the enemy and who is with the enemy.

And it’s hard to tell at times for those in the Arab world…those in the muslim world…are masters in the art of taqiyya.

PakistanSo now the ‘unspoken truth’ must be spoken as these Arab countries while NOT necessarily condoning certain ‘tactics’ of ISIS still have something very important in common with ISIS…they’re all muslim…they’re all islamic followers…and they all will stand together if they suspect the west…if they suspect the U.S…is trying to ‘reign in’…if you will…islam.

Remember, when one is a muslim…as in a follower of islam…one is commanded by the qur’an to either convert the infidel, heavily tax the infidel, or kill the infidel…and ISIS is following the qur’an’s commands especially in regards to killing the infidel. And if the Arab countries side with the west…side with America…against ISIS, the quandary is that they in fact are then going against their very own (un)holy book.

And what of the qur’an itself with its 109 verses that call for muslims to go to war with non-muslims…that call for muslims to kill the infidels…to kill the non-believers. What of islam’s goal that all must live by islamic rule under the caliphate…all must accept as governance the law known as sharia…and all must accept islam or die. Under islam there is NO compromise…NO bargaining for one’s life as violence dictates the norm. And for those muslim sympathizers who try to compare the violence in the Old Testament to the violence in the qur’an there are two major differences between the two…the first being that the qur’an is open-ended… meaning it is NOT bound by the so-called ‘historical context’ of the text that comes before or the text that comes after like the verses in the Old Testament are. And second, the violence committed by the ancient Jews as told in the Old Testament is just that…ancient…as Judaism has undergone its reformation …as has Christianity undergone theirs…but islam has NOT…nor do its followers ever want it to.

quran 3 brutal islam“They are killing and slaughtering thousands of people…they boast of their brutality…they claim to do this in the name of Islam, that is nonsense, Islam is a religion of peace. They are not Muslims, they are monsters.”

And these are the words that British Prime Minister David Cameron said after announcing the beheading of British humanitarian aid worker David Haines…NOT unlike the words said by Barack HUSSEIN Obama after the beheading of journalist James Foley…right before he took off to play a round of golf that is.

But pray tell how can islam be a religion of peace when islam is built upon tenets of savagery, perversion, and total intolerance of those who do NOT bow to their way. Under islam there is NO acceptance of others…just ask those of the religious minorities who live in muslim lands…those who suffer unyielding persecution where they can put up little if any resistance. And if they do resist the outcome for them is to be slaughtered…slaughtered while the savages in the name of islam yell “allahu akbar” as they satisfy their blood lust as commanded by the very words set down in the qur’an.

Now to be fair it must be remembered that NOT all muslims are radical in their beliefs just like NOT all Jews are Orthodox nor are all Christians Evangelicals. But the followers of radical islam…like those who belong to ISIS and al-Qaeda…are those who literally take every word of the qur’an as allah’s unquestionable truth…and it’s those words that command them to do the unspeakable…to feed off the hate and perversion embedded in those words. Take Sura 8:12 which states, “I shall be with you. Give courage to the believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers.” Or take Sura 47:3 which says, “When you encounter the unbelievers on the battlefield, strike off their heads until you have crushed them completely; then bind the [surviving] prisoners tightly.”

quran 4 behead thoseAnd while some will say that these words of hate, perversion, and violent death are verses that need to be put into context…that they do NOT literally mean what they seem to say…the truth is that the meaning of those words are NO lie for there are 107 more verses just like them…and this is supposed to be a religion of peace…I seriously think NOT.

If islam is ever to become a true religion of peace…and I personally do NOT consider islam a religion but a cult-like quasi-political system that wraps its tentacles around its followers until it literally squeezes the life out of them…islam must undergo a reformation to remove itself from the tenets of 7th century barbarianism and come more inline with the reformations undertaken by Judaism and Christianity who both left their…at times…violent pasts behind.

And while some say there is a contemporary more modern form of islam that is totally separate from the islam that the radicals follow…a form of islam that wants NO part of its radical brethren’s beliefs…then why has the qur’an itself NOT been stripped of its words of unspeakable violence…why has the qur’an NOT been ‘adjusted’…so to speak…to fit these supposed contemporary beliefs. And why don’t the ‘moderates’…and I’m sure there are NOT but a handful or two of true ‘moderates’…demand that the qur’an undergo a reformation of its own for until it does islam…all islam…remains the enemy for when one does NOT condemn the words one condones the words.

And the answer to the ‘whys’ asked cannot always be the excuse of fear of the radicals for sometimes one must stand strong against even the most adverse of situations…against the most violent of possible fates…for when one stands strong others will follow.

quran 6 behead thoseSo while Obama and his ilk banter back and forth that ISIS is NOT islam, the truth is that until muslims themselves start to fight back against the likes of their evil brethren…against those like ISIS…the beheadings of westerners will continue of that I’m sure…for what these savages hope this most unspeakable of acts will do is provoke America and her allies into open warfare against them…provoke America and her allies into putting ‘boots on the ground’…for when all is said and done those in ISIS are actually kamikazes of sorts who relish death more than they embrace life, and in their march towards death and allah they plan to take as many of we infidels with them as they can.

But Obama and his ilk will most assuredly be safe for they are one with those out to kill us all.


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