Soros-funded Media Matters virtually admits it’s behind Facebook’s purge of political pages

On Friday, the George Soros-funded Media Matters for America virtually admitted it was directing a purge of more than 800 Facebook pages and accounts. It noted that Facebook shut down a bunch of pages run by “fake news” outlets on Thursday. But then said the social media giant missed some. Would not be surprised to see those “missed” sites shut down soon.

Note that whereas Facebook claimed its decisions were “behavior violations,” not “content violations,” MMFA goes out of its way to identify the content. It says, “Facebook’s takedown removed a plethora of bad actors who have used networks of pages and groups to coordinate and amplify the spread of anti-immigrant and racist content. However, other similar far-right disinformation pages on the platform are still up.

According to MMFA, sites that discuss terrorism and the plague of illegal immigration are necessarily “anti-immigrant” and “racist.” That is their bias. Media Matters plants disinformation daily, and this is just more of it. If Facebook follows their recommendations, that will be prima facie evidence that this thing is rigged.

Media Matters should be shut down. It is one of the most prolific purveyors of genuine fake news on the planet. Paid with multi-millions by Soros and other extreme leftists, Media Matters is a propaganda arm for the Democrat Party that polices the web and runs interference against anything embarrassing or revealing about the Left, or for that matter, pretty much anything with factual content. Because facts don’t play well for the Left.

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