Iranian Suicide Drones: The Chinese Connection. Origins Via ‘CHINA-GATE’


WITHOUT becoming familiar with ‘CHINA-GATE’ — the most treacherous betrayal of U.S. national security interests in decades — little else makes sense. Its devastating knock-on effects contaminate every corner of domestic and foreign policy. And this is precisely why it has, for the most part, disappeared down the rabbit hole. Poof.


NOT only that, more than a few “mysterious” deaths litter its wake — from well-known names, such as, Ron Brown, to Mark Middleton, to Vince Foster, and many others in between. Of course, as per the Mockingbird Media, they were either “accidents” or “suicides.

EFFECTIVELY, but for the open-sesame door between the RICO-like, criminal cartel of the Clinton administration (and well beyond its years, yes, continued via the shady Clinton Foundation), the genocidal mullahs from Iran (plus, like-minded dictators) would not be able to pose the gravest threat to America and Israel, the main pillars of Western Civilization, or of what’s left of it.

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DEBKAFILE Intelligence | November 4, 2022

The test of the Shahad 136 suicide drone in the United States reveals that Shahad 136 has the ability to fly from Iran to any point in Israel, hover over it for several hours and at the right moment attack it

On October 22, the military sources of Tikdaba reported that American intelligence flew from Ukraine to the United States parts of the Iranian suicide drone Shahed-136 in order to develop a weapon system against it.
“Obtaining the model of the Iranian drone is now a top priority of the intelligence,” he said A senior American source. Now it turns out that the Americans obtained several complete suicide drones. n Friday 4.11, American sources report some of their findings after the inspection of the parts of the Iranian drones was completed.
The tests show that the engine of the suicide drone is manufactured in China by the Chinese company Beijing MicroPilot Flight Control Systems. The Chinese company copied the engine structure from the German company Limbach Flugmotoren. On the other hand, the engine of the Shahed-131 suicide drone, which is in operational use by The Russian army is produced in Iran.  The engine of the Shahad 136 has 50 horsepower and is powered by gasoline, which allows it to fly for a range of several thousand kilometers.
In other words, Shahed 136 has the ability to fly from Iran to any point in Israel to hover over it for several hours and at the right moment to attack it.
The production price of each such drone is between 20,000 and 30,000 dollars.
China also provides Iran with western technical information on how to build suicide drones, which it probably obtained through its spying systems in the West, especially in the United States.
The American inspection revealed that parts of the suicide drones Shahed-136, and Mohajer-6 , are parts that Iran obtained from the United States and countries in Western Europe. In particular, these are systems that make the drone and its weapon system accurate and hit the target. These systems allow Mel”
Other western countries that the Iranians obtained parts and systems of the suicide drones are: Austria, Great Britain, and Germany. In order to obtain these parts, Iran established buying networks in these countries, which now that this information has arrived from the United States, the British, German, and Austrian intelligence services are working to expose and dismantle them .

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