Ineffective Bombing Raids as per an Ineffective President

boots1 cover“They aren’t flying B-1 bombers, bombing American cities…But they are going to be bombing American cities coming across from Mexico… All you have to do is ask the border patrol.”

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA)

From a purely military standpoint, bombing alone has always proven to be ineffective and a waste of time, money, and resources for the simple fact is that it has to be backed-up by ‘boots on the ground’…especially in a campaign where it is difficult to find targets worth destroying…targets that actually make a difference in helping to stop the forward march of the enemy.

And the enemy known as ISIS is even more difficult to stop because they accrue sympathizers and supporters even as they savagely wipe out the indigenous populations. And to make matters worse, as all eyes remain focused on Iraq and Syria, ISIS is making inroads of another sort in Afghanistan as Taliban fighters are planning to merge forces with ISIS in support of their joint goal of establishing a strict islamic caliphate.

And many of us knew this was coming as barbarians have a way of seeking each other out as they are cut from the same moldy cloth…a cloth that is tightly wrapped with a neat bow around this White House.

INDIA-KASHMIR-MIDEAST-GAZA-STRIKESo as it now becomes apparent that the war against ISIS cannot and will NOT be won from the air…as it becomes apparent that Obama’s ‘NO strategy’ strategy is the failure we knew it would be…for he ignored facts that the generals tried to tell him…facts that while airstrikes might temporarily slowdown the effectiveness of an enemy…even an enemy like ISIS…the enemy quickly learns how to adapt to the bombings. But the thing is that Obama just does NOT care…does NOT care that now ISIS has morphed into warriors of a different sort…warriors of cowardliness who hide and fight from within civilian populations…heightening the meaning of the words ‘collateral damage.’

And the undeniable fact is that only ‘boots on the ground’ can deny this enemy…deny ISIS…the ability to operate and the ability to kill.

And kill is all they want to do…as many as possible and in the most barbaric and inhumane of ways. And it all goes back to what seems to be a never ending saga of war between Sunni and Shia with the end result being the setting up of a strict Sunni islamic caliphate…a caliphate governed by laws laid down by a perverted madman in a vile anything but holy book over 1400 years ago..

boots3 empty warehouseSo as Obama knowingly bombs empty warehouses and long deserted training camps, the media still pushes the Obama lie that we are effectively bombing ISIS, but truth be told we are actually bombing Khorasan…a tentacle of al-Nusra who in turn is a tentacle of al-Qaeda. And by our bombing of bombing al-Qaeda we might take-out a few in ISIS’ leadership who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but al-Qaeda itself through groups like ISIS (who has NOT broken their ties to al-Qaeda stories to the contrary), al-Nusra, and Khorasan will continue to grow even stronger. And as they do they will mount ‘payback’ terrorist campaigns against the West…campaigns that could have 9/11 paling in comparison.

And as Obama keeps bloviating that al-Qaeda is on the run, just remember that NOTHING could be further from the truth as al-Qaeda is the one orchestrating and pulling the strings in preparation of their takeover of the Middle East. And again Obama knows this and again he just does NOT care for if he did ‘boots on the ground’ would have been revisited and implemented weeks ago…if he actually wanted to take out the enemy that is.

‘Boots on the ground’ is key to stopping ISIS for without ‘boots’ ISIS will sadly most likely win for while airstrikes are well and fine…carpet bombing would be even better…the fact is you have to have people in key areas to direct the raids and to be sure the right targets are hit…as in making sure NO empty warehouses and deserted training camps are wastefully hit.

boots4 jimy carter‘Boots on the ground’…and hell must have indeed frozen over for even ex-President Jimmy Carter… the second worst president in American history…knows that ‘boots’ are the key to success against ISIS. Saying, “If we keep on working in Iraq and have some ground troops to follow up when we do our bombing, there is a possibility of success,” he added that,“…we waited too long. We let the Islamic state build up its money, capability and strength and weapons while it was still in Syria.” And so like a broken clock that is right twice a day, Jimmy Carter is right on this one, and most of the American public agrees…in fact more than twice as many voters polled believe defeating ISIS will take ground troops as opposed to airstrikes alone (57-24 percent).

‘Boots on the ground’…former CIA head and ex-Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta also agrees that ‘boots’ are needed, and he too has criticized Obama’s failure to follow through with a winning strategy concerning ISIS. Citing Obama’s failure to act against Syria if the country dared to cross his own put in place ‘red line ’in the sand…referring to al-Assad’s ‘supposed’ use of chemical weapons…we all know how that turned out now don’t we. “And what we’re doing with the Free Syrian Army is militarily unsound…this mythical Arab army that we’re trying to get up to go in on the ground in Syria will need a lot of American hand-holding. And if it takes a year before we can go to Mosul, I can only imagine how strong [ISIS] will be” Panetta added. And he should know as he originally was onboard with arming the anything but ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels.

‘Boots on the ground’…much needed to clean up the ‘human garbage’ that bombings leave behind…clean up the ‘garbage’ as in every ISIS soldier and ISIS member needs to be killed or captured…period. ‘Boots on the ground’ to assure that NONE escape to return again another day for these are NOT soldiers finding a ‘just war’ but are barbaric savages out to kill us all…out to kill us all and what does Obama do…drop a few bombs here and there forgetting what our military has always known…that if we get involved in a war we need to be prepared to win that war and that means putting ‘boots on the ground.’

boots5 lots of bootsAnd we most assuredly need ‘boots on the ground’ in order to win against ISIS…in order to secure a lasting peace. And here’s why Obama is reluctant to deploy those ‘boots’…summed up simply in two words…midterm elections. The man who ran for president with promises of bringing our troops home now is vehemently opposed to redeploying said troops to theaters of war as it will than expose yet another of his foreign policy failures. NOT caring that ISIS has taken over a country where so much American blood was shed and treasure was spent, Obama now wants Iraqi forces and Kurdish Peshmerga forces to fight this battle, as he refuses to accept the fact that these forces are NOT ready to do battle with any enemy…let alone an enemy the likes of ISIS.

And that is so sad for it was Obama himself who said before announcing to the enemy that we would be pulling out of Iraq…and giving them the time frame for which we would do so…that Iraqi forces were well-trained to keep the peace. Just another in his long list of lies…just something else Democrats are running hard and fast from for Obama’s policies have now become poison to their re-election bids.

And so as Obama keeps saying out of one side of his mouth that he will NOT send ‘boots’ back to Iraq to fight ISIS…out of the other side of his mouth he keeps insisting that ISIS will be a threat to the homeland if NOT stopped.  But I say he cannot have it both ways for isn’t it better to fight ISIS ‘over there’ than to have to fight them ‘here’ on American soil…just simple logic that escapes this president… simple logic that escapes the man who sides with the enemy every chance he gets.

Just saying and just sighing in total disgust for the truth is ISIS is already here.

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