Indiana GOP Candidate Fires Back After Politico Runs Smear Article

Politico claims they received the US Air Force file of Congressonal candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green from an FOIA request regarding her sexual assault report. Green says they obtained it illegally and ran the article without her permission. She is running against Democrat Frank Mrvan. The Indiana GOP Candidate is livid…and given the current climate of Democrat dirty tricks, she has a right to be.

Somehow (let’s use the abiguous term) the US Air Force File of Indiana GOP candidate Jennifer-Ruth Green managed to give details of a sexual assault that happened to her while she was deployed to Iraq. The reporter Adam Wren, reduced the description of the incident down to “50 characters,” leaving out crucial details.

I’m surprised because Adam Wren spent time in this article focusing on every single detail down to the skirt I was wearing, down to the color of the skirt I was wearing, down to every single knob I touched, all of those things, but yet he writes clinically about one of the worst days of my life…He has no idea the concept of being forced to be in a four by four, round circular area, 30 feet in the ground in a tower where you only have windows and a 30-foot drop on the other side, 30-foot drop to escape somebody who was blocking your path [with] somebody who has a clear intent with a weapon in hand, who is focused on trying to take advantage of you, and you’re able to escape that with minimal physical harm. And he wants to reduce that to 50 characters.” Jennifer-Ruth Green

Screenshot via Jennifer-Ruth Green Campaign

She wrote a letter to the Inspector General, demanding an investigation into how her peronnel file was leaked to a news outlet.

In the letter, Green made it clear that she “did not consent, in writing or otherwise, to the disclosure of my personnel file to Politico or anyone else” and pointed to the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, 5 U.S.C § 552a, as proof that her file should not have been released.

“Coming as when it does – in the closing weeks of my campaign for Congress – makes me believe that this is a politically motivated attempt to impact the upcoming election,” Green concluded in the letter.

After Politico ignored her pleas not to run the information detailing her sexual assault, which the outlet claims to have received from an individual outside the Mrvan campaign, Green said, “They did what they wanted, got what they wanted.” The Indiana Republican said Politico proceeded with the publication of the information “despite having clear interaction and engagement and telling them that the records were illegally obtained.” Jennifer-Ruth Green, Indiana GOP candidate for Congress to Fox Digital

Politico claimed that they obtained the file outside of the Mrvan campaign – which is likely “not exactly” how they got it. Why is it an attempt to smear a woman who reported a sexual assault? The sad fact is that some people tend not to believe the woman in these cases, and often blame her for the incident. Green was told by her Air Force superiors to keep quiet about the assault, which was probably due to the stigma attached to reporting one. Is the Mrvan campaign attempting to capitalize on that stigma? Likely.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Reports of sexual assault in the US Military have gone through the roof in recent years.

Politically motivated? There is no doubt. Had Green been a Democrat all sorts of sympathy would have come her way. But she’s a Republican and that is grounds for every Democrat dirty trick to sway the election against her.



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