South Carolina Democrat to introduce resolution banning Donald Trump from state

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kingIf South Carolina state Rep. John King, D-York, has his way, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump would be banned from the state over his politically-incorrect views on illegal immigrants and radical Islamists.

“I’ve heard Donald Trump insult immigrants, African-Americans, women, war heroes,” King said in a phone interview with WSOC TV. “I just reached a point where enough was enough.”

WSOC added:

King said the last straw dropped on Friday when a Muslim woman was escorted from a Trump rally after standing up in silent protest when Trump made a comment about Syrian refugees having ties to ISIS.

“I was sick to my stomach,” King said.

But the rally was packed with Trump supporters.

The video report, courtesy of WSOC, can be seen below:
The reader may also find it interesting that the report never mentioned King’s party.  The only indication that King is a Democrat is seen in a graphic where the “D” appears after his name.

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King, WSOC added, plans to introduce the resolution on Tuesday.  Trump is currently leading in South Carolina’s GOP primary.


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