Illegals Accused of Execution-style Killing of Grant County Woman

Jill Sundberg

Five illegal immigrants are accused of an execution-style killing of a Grant County, Washington woman in December of last year.  Jill Sundberg’s body was found by a hiker on December 22, 2016. She had been shot to death (multiple times) with a cardboard sign stuck to her back with a knife. The suspects reportedly made no effort to hide her body.

__This article has been corrected to reflect the original date of the offense. The contents of the cardboard message were released as follows:

“Esto Les Pava todos las chivas ke la alden caganod mujeres I chivas culeres keno respite el cartel del golfo.”

Translation: “For all those whores, bitches and assholes that show no respect to the gulf cartel.”

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Gustavo Tapia Rodriguez, aka Pablo Zamora-Hernandez, 39 is suspected of being the shooter and is charged with First Degree Murder. His trial date will be set next week. Julio Cesar Albarran Varona, and Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva are also charged with First Degree Murder. Bail for those three has been set at $1 Million each. Salvador Espinoza Gomez and Fernando Marcos Gutierrez are accused of being material witnesses, with $100,000 bail each. All are reportedly illegals.

Rodriguez was a convicted felon and was deported through El Paso, Texas, but re-entered the country.

Gruesome murder

According to the Spokesman Review, Sundberg attended a party where the five suspects were in attendance. An argument broke out, and Rodriguez ordered the others to put her in a Chevy Tahoe. That’s when the situation went from bad to horrific.

The Spokesman reported,

The five suspects drove about 10 miles to a turnoff on the old Vantage Highway at Frenchman Coulee, which is near a popular rock climbing area.

“They pulled her out of the car. She was then kicked to her knees … and shot at point blank to the back of her head,” Jones said. “Multiple rounds were then shot into her.”

According to court records, witnesses said Julio Cesar Albarran Varona held Sundberg’s hands and then kicked her knee, forcing her to the ground. Rodriguez then fired one shot into Sundberg’s head and then kept firing. Investigators found 13 casings from .40 caliber handgun near her body.

After the killing and before the suspects left the scene, witnesses told investigators that Ambrosio Mendez Villanueva then grabbed a piece of cardboard “went over to Jill’s body and put the piece of paper or cardboard on Jill and plunged the knife into it,” court records state.

Investigators found a message written in Spanish on the cardboard.

Investigators did not release the translation of the message.

This gruesome murder may have been perpetrated by one of two groups: MS-13 which has been found in Central Washington State, or the Mexican Mafia (La EME) prison gang. Either group is fully capable of such vicious violence on Jill Sundberg.


Featured photo on Facebook left to right: Rodriguez, Villenueva, Varona

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