Illegal immigrant wants to make word ‘illegal’ illegal

If Jose Antonio Vargas had his way, the word “illegal” would be illegal.

Vargas, by the way, is an illegal immigrant who also happens to be an activist.  And he doesn’t believe it’s right to call people who are in the country illegally, “illegal.”

vargas-illegal 1

Twitchy noted that the hashtag #ThingsThatShouldBeIllegal was trending at the time, so it’s possible that Vargas was “trolling.”


Good question.


It sure looks like it.  Of course, Vargas is not the first to suggest such a thing.

In 2013, the UCLA student government set out to ban the phrase “illegal immigrant,” claiming it violates human rights.

In August 2011, immigration attorney Susan Church called the phrase a “misnomer of Fox News,” claiming that immigrants who come into the country illegally are committing a “civil violation.”

In April 2012, posted a video that claimed calling illegal immigrants “illegal” fits the definition of a hate crime and called for the word to be banned when used in the context of immigration.

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A campaign called “Drop the I-Word” seeks to remove the word from the English language, claiming it engenders racial profiling.

“The i-word opens the door to racial profiling and violence and prevents truthful, respectful debate on immigration,” the site says.

Several newspapers, including the Chicago Tribune and the Seattle Times have reportedly quit using the phrase when discussing illegal immigration. The Los Angeles Times and the Denver Post have also reportedly stopped using the phrase.

Vargas was asked directly if he would actually make the word illegal and responded with this:


He followed that up with a meme:


Twitchy responded: “Good point. We will start referring to underage drinkers as ‘illegal drinkers’ to better describe their actions.”

Keep in mind, this is how liberals deal with issues.  They can’t win the debate so they seek to stifle speech.


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