Humboldt County GOP Office Vandalized by Sanders Supporter

The Humboldt County GOP office in Eureka has been vandalized six times in the last two years, counting this last one. On February 8, at around 4:53 a.m., a Bernie Sanders supporter smashed the windows in the office and dumped flammable liquid inside before fleeing on his bicycle (bicycle…ahem). Upon a report of someone smashing windows, police were able to catch Michael Valls, 43, after a struggle. He was arrested, spent one night in jail and was back out on the street on a $25,000 bond. His next appearance is set for today, Feb 25.

Humboldt County GOP
Screenshot of Michael Valls damaging the building

When police arrived, they found Michael Valls on the boardwalk with a “Bernie” sticker prominently displayed on his bike. After a short pursuit, and a struggle in which he attempted to throw his bicycle at them, he was arrested. He was also in possession of a Trump flag and other items that linked him to the vandalism at the Humboldt County GOP office. He was arrested for attempted arson, burglary, felony vandalism, resisting arrest and providing a false name. And was out again in one day.

Here is a surveillance video from the incident that shows Valls repeatedly smashing the windows with what appears to be rocks.

This one shows him pouring flammable liquid into the building:

Humboldt County GOP office in the crosshairs of leftists

The office was hit 5 times in the last two years before this incident. According to KRCR North Coast News, this incident with Valls will cost the office thousands of dollars for repairs. Previously the damage was limited to around $700.

“Who” is doing it is pretty obvious by now, but police keep calling it a “random” vandalism. Not. The Republican Headquarters of Humboldt County is the only one that has been hit.

Daniel Greenfield reported,

“The local police say, ‘Oh, it’s random vandalism,’ except it’s happened five times to us and nobody else,” Humboldt County GOP Chairman John Schutt said.

“This is the 5th time in two years and on prior occasions I have been told these are random acts of vandalism. Interesting the Democrat Office has not had any ‘random acts of vandalism'”, the Humboldt GOP noted last year.

There’s nothing random about 6 attacks on a Republican office either carried out by identifiable lefties, leaving behind leftist signage, or specifically defacing Republican signage. That’s as deliberate as it gets.

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But Humboldt County, once a Republican area, had swung leftward. And the HQ has become a symbol of everything that the new radical population hates. During the Kavanaugh debate, lefty protesters had gathered outside the small office with signs like, “Party of the Predators” and “Stop Rapeublicans”.

The lefty protesters targeted the office even though it had nothing to do with Kavanaugh and had already been vandalized two months earlier.

When local lefties can’t get to D.C. marches, they target the Humboldt County HQ. That’s where opponents of the Bill of Rights appear toting signs like “Massacre Mitch” and “Republicans: Shame on you!”

Reagan was the last Republican to win Humboldt County which has passed its own sanctuary measure. And Eureka, with its large homeless population and regular anti-Trump protests, leans lefty.

The Humboldt County Republican headquarters has faced a uniquely sustained assault on its existence. It is not the only Republican office to be targeted for vandalism and harassment, but the persistence of the attacks and the general disregard of the authorities, is unique and revelatory. This is the first time an arrest has been made despite the presence of surveillance equipment and attackers who leave handwriting samples. And the one man arrested for this latest incident is already back on the street.

The Humboldt County GOP office is tiny. The Democrat office has lots of big windows and no rock has ever smashed them. Police still cling to the narrative that it’s all just “random.” It is most certainly not random. The Project Veritas videos we previously reported showed that Sanders supporters were willing to create violence to obtain their agenda. Whether or not Valls had anything to do with the previous crimes against this office is unknown. But he is a part of what we are seeing across the nation: extreme radicalization of the Democrat party.

Not one of the current crop of Democrats is “moderate.” Not one. From demanding you give up your guns for their cause to taking your private health insurance away, to bankrupting America for illegals, they are doing everything in their considerable power to destroy this Republic.

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