Huma Abedin (Hill’s Top Aide), A MEGA Brotherhood Plant, REVEALED: She Did It ALL For Allah!!

WITH Impeachment-Gate, Russia-Gate, and assorted illegal operations swirling and hovering over D.C. – attempting to undo the results of a democratically held election – one can be forgiven for forgetting about Huma Abedin; the highest level global Brotherhood Mafia spy that ever existed inside the deepest recesses of the body politic. Incontrovertibly, she had become the real keeper of all of the nation’s security secrets! No doubt, the Deep State is breathing a sigh of relief that she has been allowed to slither away unscathed from public scrutiny.

NOT so fast.

BUT before the underlying Brotherhood Mafia dots are (re)connected via Huma Abedin within these pages – yes, a compendium of work is supportive of the same – let it be stated for the record: The establishment media, in tandem with assorted liars and leakers, can be counted on to wag their fingers and flap their jaws in this direction, as they scream: “fake news!” No matter….like water off a duck’s back.

Cartoon Concept Illustration of Water Off A Ducks Back Saying


(Huma Abedin’s Mother, Saleha, a high up Muslim Sisterhood leader, stands to the right – via the computer screen – of Hillary Clinton as Hill gives her autograph to students at Dar al-Hekma college for women in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

  • At the inception of this site (back in 2012), it was not for nothing that this American-Israeli, an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, felt a patriotic duty to place a mega spotlight on Huma Abedin, thus, exposing the global terrorist organization’s complete infiltration and penetration into Capitol Hill – straight into the White House!
  • It was in 1996 that Huma Abedin – an exotic looking and fresh-faced 21 year old – entered the inner sanctum of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as an intern to Hillary Clinton. Lo and behold, in a brief matter of time, she became Hill’s “shadow.” In plain language, over the years, less than six degrees of separation existed between them. Do feel free to expand that idiom to its most literal interpretation, if you get the drift. Hmm. More importantly, in the midst of Bill Clinton’s (Bubba’s) first term in office – until the end of Obama’s (Hussein’s) second term – the Brotherhood Mafia’s American implant was privy to every imaginable national secret. By extrapolation, she held the highest levers of global power within her (Brotherhood) hands.
  • As such, it became a matter of national urgency to uncover the tip of Huma Abedin’s Islamic spear, so to speak, through the “House of al-Saud.”
  • Despite such and such unmasking, how shocking is it that she remained glued to the most powerful duo in American politics, but less than a handful in Washington questioned her attachment to her real handlers, the Brotherhood Mafia? Rhetorical.
  • Atop it all, what about the fact that MAJOR Brotherhood figures, too, had access into the White House – for instance, Bassam Estwani, an acolyte of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi? Take a peek.
  • Alas, as the noose tightens between Abedin and Clinton, Inc. to the Brotherhood that binds them, a clear nexus is also found between Benghazigate to al Qaeda – you guessed, with linkages straight into the White House! And so much more….

THAT being resurrected, still yet, in anticipation of the BIGGEST proof yet – as to what should be the nail in Huma’s Brotherhood coffin, in a manner of speaking – it is Hill, her addled “figurehead” boss, who paved the way for the largest (classified and unclassified) dump of sensitive documents into the public domain. To wit, the fact that the secrets of the Brotherhood’s diva got leaked in the fallout, well, if you lie down with dogs……

DEAR reader, it is highly imperative to read her personal (dumped) email to her brother, Hassan – a hooked-up Brother, too. Aside from laying out Hill’s grave health issues, she admits that “they” (the powers that be) gave her the keys to the kingdom! Not only that, even as she opines that she is repulsed by what she is subjected to via “AW” (ahh, that perv, Anthony Weiner, her ex hubby) and “WJC” (William Jefferson Clinton), well, as a dedicated and devoted servant of Allah, she confided to Hassan on Sept. 3, 2016, two months before the election, no less: “But I do it gladly, brother, everything they ask of me, however sick and depraved. I do it and I smile, rejoicing at the thought of whose glory I serve….”

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AT long last, it is time to connect the other MEGA dots….


MEGA DOTS: If not for a little known truth bomb – that which plagues a host of far-left power players – it becomes impossible to internalize how Abedin became the master through Hill’s incapacity; a direct causal factor in her ability to control, yes, control, “Madame Hill.”

INESTIMABLY, this poop and scoop (encapsulated below….with mega revelations re the Clinton machine – no pun intended – found within) must be digested and read in its entirety. It is that important. It is linked here. This “gift” comes from none other than the most intellectual “fan” base of this site: WATCHDOGS OF OUR FREEDOM, a/k/a WOOF.

TIME TRAVELING LIBERALS: How They Did It–and Why They Stopped!

March 4, 2007, Barack Obama makes a speech in Selma, commemorating the courageous 1965 march for equality that put the obscure Alabama town on the national front page.  Obama speechifies about the bravery and historic significance of the event—no problem—but he next reveals that his parents were inspired by Selma, implies they met there, and adds: “There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So, they [his parents] got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Don’t tell me I’m not coming home when I come to Selma, Alabama.” It will surprise no one, we trust, that the crowd went wild.

We hear you. “So what? We all know Obama can’t discuss anything in a public forum without inserting himself into the narrative.”  And that’s true– but less deserving of scrutiny, we submit, than the wild violations of linear time observable in the candidate’s remarks. Indeed, for Obama’s autobiographical assertions to be correct, one would have to suppose that Obama’s parents met at–or were at least inspired by–the march at Selma, married afterwards, and proceeded to make little Barack. But the future president was born–regardless of where–in 1961. That was four years before the Selma march.  Obama’s parents were divorced in 1964, a year before the march occurred. In fact, when Selma happened, they were 10,793 miles apart (father in Kenya, mother in Honolulu).

On CNN Jake Tapper summarized the event straight-facedly, reporting that Obama “credited the 1965 Selma march with his parents, a Black African father and White Kansas mother, meeting and falling in love.” Like the rest of the media, Tapper either didn’t notice, or didn’t care to notice, the speech’s glaring array of impossibilities. A few right-wing commentators and media voices took note, citing the Selma appearance as further evidence that Obama was a pathological liar. A plausible enough explanation–but was it correct? Emerging evidence suggests a dramatically different and far more disturbing explanation. The Selma speech is only one item of evidence.  Many others follow.


Ali Razeghi, saying a bunch of junk the Russians told him to say?

Our story begins (if that verb retains any relevance, given our topic) in 2013, when Iran developed a rudimentary form of trans-time technology.  Deep within the humming environs of Iran’s Centre for Strategic Inventions–a secret, assault-proof, underground facility devoted to advancing science and technology in the interest of eliminating the United States, Israel, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, pop musicians, and sundry other infidels, a young scientist was engaged in developing algorithms. The scientist, Ali Razeghi, was charged with the “development and electronic reification” of cyberspacially advanced algorithms capable of out-thinking strategic planners in the Satanic West. Thus, Iran, as an emergent nuclear power, hoped to dominate battlefields and airspace in the Middle East while delivering nuclear blows to specific targets including, but not limited to, those already mentioned.

BREAKTHROUGH! ….


Doctor Gordey Lesovik, specializing in  methods of reversing quantum irreversability.





BACK TO IRAN!….


Once Ali’s algorithm met Gordey’s reversal technology, and combined with Chernobrov’s discoveries– the only thing missing was Rod Taylor!








CLOSING THE TIME GAP!….read more….

TIME FOR THE CIA!….

CIA Director “Smilin’ John” Brennan–Assignment: Steal time!

The New Hampshire— delivering the package.





A photo of the machine assembled aboard a Navy escort vessel in 1943 meant to render the ship invisible. Clearly observable are a pair of melons used for experimentation. Seventy-one years later, the CIA skipped the melons.

Despite the fact that it was written by Charles Berlitz and William Moore, many readers take this book seriously.










TIME FOR BIGELOW….read more….

Elusive billionaire Robert Bigelow–because who wants to look at Harry Reid?







TIME BANDITS!….read more….

A recent Bigelow Aerospace promotional image: Are they trying to tell us something?


Majority Leader Reid: “Keep watching the skies!”








“Dead broke!”

One consequence of Obama’s counter-intuitive privatization of the greatest scientific breakthrough of the century was its capricious misuse by progressive luminaries. Wealth, it appears, was often the first goal sought by the political class. The Clintons, by Hillary’s own admission, left the White House “dead broke.” For years they struggled until, sources insist, temporal manipulation (an adroit variation on the “grandfather effect”) enabled Hillary to return in time, advise herself to invest in cattle futures, and turn an initial $1,000 investment into $100,000 overnight. This occasioned the infamous Whitewater controversy.  Critics pointed to odds of one-in-thirty trillion that such a windfall could be legitimately achieved.  But investigators never unearthed evidence of wrongdoing. That’s because the SEC is ignorant of investment strategies that rely on manipulating the fabric of time. Nevertheless, timely interventions of the Whitewater variety enabled the Clintons to amass a considerable fortune. Once the results of such temporal rebooting became part of present-day reality, Hillary’s “dead broke” recollections seemed absurd, but properly understood, the Clintons were authentically broke, before they were always wealthy.

…….continue reading the ENTIRE mind-blowing, mind-numbing, fascinating, explosive, and truth-telling account(s) – re what/who is really behind the curtain, that is, the very, very dark machinations of the far-left!

TO wit, what you thought you knew about the so-called political and moneyed elite – whose goal, once again, is to control America, and, by extension, the entire world – is akin to the tooth fairy, unlike what is really going on. 


BUT even as this site ties up the incontrovertible nexus between Huma Abedin’s Brotherhood roots and mission thereof, to the circumstances behind the  fracturing of Hill’s mind, the reader must connect another dot: Those who are in the loop re Hill’s mental and physical (highly compromised) state – rendering her completely incapable of becoming POTUS – view it as an inconsequential factor. A fly in the ointment. Less than a figurehead.

MOST significantly, despite the fact that it was understood that Huma Abedin, a Brotherhood operative, would be the “Shadow POTUS”, that truth was not an obstacle. Invariably, since the overarching goal of the red-green alliance is the destruction of America, well, having Huma as Hill’s stand-in became the ultimate solution. Yes, “the woman behind the woman!”


NOW that all of the above has been officially outed, it is beyond instructive to clarify what is (more often than not) a main area of confusion for the “infidel” community: What is permissible, and what is not, in the service of Islam’s diety, Allah? Effectively, when does “haraam” (prohibited) become “halal” (permissible)? It is this question which should be considered the main “Islamic Paradox“; one which lies unanswered (for a multiplicity of reasons, mainly, out of fear of “criticizing/questioning” anything related to Islam) for those who reside in the dar al-harb, the house of war.

Permissibility of haraam things in the case of necessity and the conditions governing that

Praise be to Allaah.

Among the basic principles of Islamic sharee’ah, on which the scholars are agreed, is that cases of necessity make forbidden things permissible.

There is a great deal of evidence to support this principle in the Holy Qur’aan and the Prophet’s Sunnah, for example, the verses in which Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Forbidden to you (for food) are: Al‑Maitah (the dead animals — cattle — beast not slaughtered), blood, the flesh of swine, and that on which Allaah’s Name has not been mentioned while slaughtering (that which has been slaughtered as a sacrifice for others than Allaah, or has been slaughtered for idols) and that which has been killed by strangling, or by a violent blow, or by a headlong fall, or by the goring of horns — and that which has been (partly) eaten by a wild animal — unless you are able to slaughter it (before its death) ‑ and that which is sacrificed (slaughtered) on An‑Nusub (stone‑altars). (Forbidden) also is to use arrows seeking luck or decision; (all) that is Fisqun (disobedience of Allaah and sin). This day, those who disbelieved have given up all hope of your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. But as for him who is forced by severe hunger, with no inclination to sin (such can eat these above mentioned meats), then surely, Allaah is Oft‑Forgiving, Most Merciful”

[al-Maa’idah 5:3]

“And why should you not eat of that (meat) on which Allaah’s Name has been pronounced (at the time of slaughtering the animal), while He has explained to you in detail what is forbidden to you, except under compulsion of necessity?”

[al-An’am 6:119]

Examples of this principle include the following:

1.Eating dead meat for one who cannot find anything else and fears that he will die of hunger.

2.Speaking words of kufr when subjected to torture and force.

3.Warding off an aggressor even if that leads to killing him.

See: al-Ashya’ wa’l-Nazaa’ir by Ibn Nujaym, p. 85

Necessity means cases in which a person will be harmed if he does not take the haraam option, in which the harm will effect the five essentials which are: religion, life, honour, reason and wealth.

With regard to the conditions of a haraam thing becoming permissible in the case of necessity, Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allah have mercy on him) mentioned two conditions for that and he explained them in abundant detail with examples, as well as mentioning some objections and the response to them. Hence we will limit ourselves to quoting his words. He (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

This principle is one of the basic fiqhi principles which are indicated by sharee’ah: Everything that is forbidden becomes permissible in the case of necessity……

CONCLUSIVELY, without a scintilla of a doubt, let it be memorialized for the record: Whereas this Brotherhood Mafia expert – since the inception of this site – connected Huma Abedin’s Brotherhood dots to the tippy top of the Islamic spear within the House of Saud, it wasn’t until the “WOOFERS”, the real “smart-set”, laid out the “Time Traveling” dots that her mask became fully unveiled! Revealed.

TRENCHANTLY, the aforementioned paragons of truth exposed the mega lengths that the far-left, A/K/A the “Masters of the Universe”, will go to REWRITE the past and CONTROL the present!!

NEVER forgive their treachery. Nor forget.

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