Huffington Post writer implies violent ‘purge’ of conservatives

Earlier Thursday, we reported the story of a Canadian professor critical of politically-correct gender-neutral pronouns who was locked out of his Google/YouTube account.  Paul Joseph Watson responded to the professor’s tweet with a statement saying, “the purge begins.”  This prompted Dan Arel, a writer whose articles appear at the Huffington Post, to issue a tweet suggesting the actual purge would be much more violent than a ban from social media.

“Oh Paul, when the left begins its purge, it will be much different than this,” Arel said, clearly implying a violent, bloody purge of conservatives.

Watson responded, asking Arel to clarify his statement and asking if it was a threat of violence.

Arel simply said, “Nazis lack imagination.”


He also deleted his initial tweet, which Watson captured for posterity:

Translation: All conservatives are Nazis.

Arel then backtracked somewhat, claiming that what he really meant was that liberals would ban all conservatives from the Internet:


So much for freedom, free speech and “tolerance.”

Watson responded:

Others noted:



Arel then made his Twitter feed private for a while, acting like the typical schoolyard bully who runs when he is finally confronted.

Watson noted (edited for language):

Not to be outdone, the self-proclaimed “activist” whose Twitter banner image is a picture of a group of protesters holding a banner that reads “this is war,” then accused gay Jewish commentator Dave Rubin of being “Nazi f**king trash” because he once hosted conservative commentator Lauren Southern.

Arel’s unhinged attacks on Rubin continued:


Watson and others may have some justification for thinking that Arel wants violence against conservatives.

According to Watson’s post:

On Sunday, Arel also tweeted an endorsement of violence against Mike Cernovich, remarking that a troll who physically approached Cernovich should have assaulted him. That tweet was subsequently deleted too.


Arel says he has now “quit writing for the Huffington Post,” although his articles are still posted on the Huffington Post website and Arel still includes it in his Twitter bio. The Huffington Post page lists Arel as an “award-winning journalist and best selling author”.

According to Watson, The Hill did not respond to inquiries.

In February 2011, I first said that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Liberals like Arel prove that assertion correct on just about any given day.


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)



Joe Newby

A 10-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Joe ran for a city council position in Riverside, Calif., in 1991 and managed successful campaigns for the Idaho state legislature. Co-author of "Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad," Joe wrote for Examiner.com from 2010 until it closed in 2016 and his work has been published at Newsbusters, Spokane Faith and Values and other sites. He now runs the Conservative Firing Line.

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