Hillary supporters want to repeal Second Amendment — Video

Young Hillary supporters want to repeal the Second Amendment
Screengrab: Campus Reform

It’s no secret that Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton wants gun control.  Some of her millennial supporters, however, want to go even further, and would like he to repeal the Second Amendment, Campus Reform reported Monday.

The online site went to a Clinton event in Annandale, Virginia, and asked some of her supporters about the right to keep and bear arms, and their answers are, to say the least, shocking.

“Throughout the afternoon, nearly everyone we spoke with advocated for restrictive gun control measures, with many even going so far as calling for the repeal the Second Amendment,” Campus Reform said.

Cabot Phillips and Morgan Walker added:

“Do you think it would be a good idea to repeal the Second Amendment?” Campus Reform asked.

“Oh yeah, definitely, I really think that we really need to start viewing human rights as more important than gun rights,” one Hillary supporter replied.

“In an ideal world, if the NRA wasn’t around, would you think it would be a good idea?” we asked.

Another Hillary supporter echoed the sentiment saying, “yeah I think it would be a good idea. I hate the NRA.”

“Yeah, totally; I mean it’s kind of ridiculous to me that, yeah, the Constitution is great and everything, but you have to remember that people made these, humans make mistakes and it was written hundreds of years ago,” another millennial replied.

Here’s the video:

Because, like, totally, and stuff, you know…

God help us.


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