Hillary Hopes Trump Hasn’t Ordered Hits on People and Journalists

Take a minute to compose yourself before you read this article.  I realize that you are still chuckling about the fact that Hillary Clinton, the most evil person ever nominated to the White House by a major party, hopes President Trump doesn’t order political killings.  Why?  Let’s ask one of the many witnesses against her that mysteriously never made it to court to testify.

From The Free Beacon:

During a conversation with Charlie Rose, she compared Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose relationship with Trump has particularly drawn scrutiny from Democrats and the media. Clinton discussed her ideas on Trump’s view of democracy, saying she “hopes” the president is not exactly like Putin in every way.

“I don’t think he really values democracy, Charlie,” Clinton said.

“He doesn’t value democracy? Rose asked. “So he’s not a ‘democrat,’ little ‘d?'”

 Clinton replied, “No, he’s not, he’s a top-down guy.”

“He’s an authoritarian?” Rose asked.

“He has tendencies toward authoritarianism,” Clinton answered.

“So, he’s no different than Putin?” Rose asked.

Clinton did not say Trump was different from the Russian autocrat, instead saying he “hopefully” does not commit the same crimes as Putin.

“Well, hopefully he hasn’t ordered the killing of people and journalists and the like,” Clinton replied.

Considering the fact that 33 people close to Hillary died after being called to testify against her, why would you be suspicious of Trump and not Clinton?  Let me ask you this.  How many of you know 33 people who died under mysterious circumstances without a single person being arrested?

Townhall has a list of those 33 people here.

And exactly what in President Donald Trump’s past would make someone think he would have anyone killed?  Nothing.  No mysterious accidents, murders or suicides.

Are people scared of Trump putting a contract out on them?  (Besides CNN)  But they are scared of Hillary.  When Clinton announced she was going to have a picnic in honor of the campaign staff that served her in 2016, over 120 people RSVPed.

More from the Free Beacon:

During her campaign, Clinton frequently took digs at Trump’s statements about Putin, in which he called for improved relations with Russia. Clinton tried to do the same thing as secretary of state in the Obama administration, but she has since moved from that dovish position.

Since losing the 2016 election, she has said Trump likely colluded with the Russians to win the presidential election.

“There certainly was communication and there certainly was an understanding of some sort,” she said in an interview earlier in September.

Clinton’s appearance on “Charlie Rose” coincides with the recent release of her campaign book, What Happened. In the book, she called Trump a “creep” and described Russian involvement as a major reason why she unfairly lost the election.

Hillary has no proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia but I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Putin did not.  He has never been found dead under mysterious circumstances.  That’s possibly why she let him live, but that’s just my opinion.

For the record, none of the 33 deaths have been proven to be committed or contracted by the Clintons.


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