Head of German anti-migrant group facing prosecution for anti-rape t-shirt

PEGIDA protest after Charlie Hebdo shooting.
PEGIDA protest after Charlie Hebdo shooting.

This is what liberal political correctness engenders.  On Sunday, Breitbart.com reported that Lutz Bachmann, head of Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident, or PEGIDA, is facing prosecution for wearing a t-shirt that opposes rape by migrants.

The shirt reads: “Rapefugees not welcome” – a saying that happened to be the slogan of a 4000-strong march held in Cologne this weekend.

Breitbart added:

Following the news of the mass migrant rape scandal that has gripped Europe, Lutz Bachmann and his PEGIDA movement organised the “Rapefugees Not Welcome” protest this Saturday in Cologne, stressing the importance of Western culture and the freedom and protection of women.

But while the political establishment took four days to start getting to the bottom of the New Year’s Eve sexual assault orgy, they have wasted no time pursuing Mr. Bachmann for wearing a t-shirt that opposes rape by migrants.

The Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper has reported that Mr. Bachmann – who is no stranger to controversy – is being pursued by Green Party politician and lawyer Jurgen Kasek, who has called the t-shirt “sedition”.

“That’s not a satire. That is sedition,” Kasek said after seeing a picture of the shirt on Facebook.  According to Breitbart, he filed a complaint with Dresden’s prosecutor, and said the shirt is “just an excuse to incite hatred.”

Now, according to Kasek, wearing a t-shirt opposing rape is sedition.  One has to ask — what would Kasek call beheading?

The weekend protest was derailed, Breitbart added, when another group known as “Hooligans against Sharia” became aggressive, requiring police to use water cannons.


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