Has CNN found Obama’s cocaine dealer yet?

Obama smokingThey did it to Pat Buchanan in 1996. Just as they did to Sarah Palin in 2008 and also to Herman Cain just four years later. Yes, the media is at it again.

The long knives of the alphabet networks are out for Republicans running for president… especially the ones in the lead.

With equal parts ink and foam dripped from their jowls, Donald Trump is enjoying a bit of a respite from being in the cross hairs of the way-overused clichéd title (but still correct)  lamestream media. And to think all it took to shift the media’s attention away from Trump was to have Ben Carson take the lead in a handful of polls. Not all, not most. Just some.

And as everyone from Philip of Macedon to Sun Tzu to the average Marine Corps Lance Corporal knows, anyone deemed a threat is in line for an ass whoopin’ of Biblical proportions. So now the media is going after Carson regarding his recollections of his youth.

OK, so Carson has muddled memories of his teen years. To wit: I ask, who doesn’t? Speaking as someone on the downhill side of of his 50s, I recollect a teen-aged Kevin Whiteman as brave as David (post-beat down of Goliath Q. Philistine), as industrious as a young Tom Edison, and as cool as Jeff Spicoli. Needless to say, I was nowhere near any of those.

But Doctor Ben does ask some very pointed questions of the press. Specifically, why the media stupor when it comes to the Kenyan woman-hating interloper’s college records being sealed. Or as Carson dressed-down the media:

Obama goes to Occidental college, doesn’t do well, somehow ends up at Columbia University, I dunno? Why? His records are sealed. Why are his records sealed? You’re not interested in that? Can somebody tell me why? I’m asking you why are they sealed? Don’t change the subject. Will someone tell me please why you have not investigated that.

Something with the words ‘a scholarship was offered’ is a big deal, but the president of the U.S. his academic records being sealed is not. Tell me how there is equivalency there. Tell me somebody, please.

Humor me while I ask a few questions of my own. Namely, as he admitted to in his autobiography “Dreams From My Father” (whoever that may be), Barry admits to smoking weed and snorting coke. I can’t help but wonder why the media took a pass on finding then interviewing the Waikiki dope peddler who sold drugs to a minor child.

Speaking of a lack of journalistic integrity, why did the media choose not to at least bring up Obama’s questionable ethics during his younger years? After all, he admitted in his book that the only reason he never injected heroin into his veins was because he didn’t like the pusher who was trying to sell it to him.

If and when I’m ever fortunate enough to hitch a ride on a yet-to-be invented Wayback Machine, never let it be said I don’t have my priorities set:

  1. Liberally pass out condoms to every male in the ovulation blast radius of Ann Dunham during the fall of 1960.
  2. If that fails, introduce Teen Barry to every amiable heroin dealer in Polynesia.


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