‘Go. We’re done’: CNN propagandist Jim Acosta embarrasses himself again at White House event — Video

On Monday, President Trump met with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and held a joint press conference, which ended with CNN propagandist Jim Acosta being embarrassingly addressed by White House staffers.

Essentially, Acosta was told to basically shut up and get out:

“Mr. President, if there is no collusion, why does Rudy Giuliani say there is no crime in collusion?’ Acosta shouted.

Acosta later whined about the incident on Twitter.

“This audio is a pretty good example of how the WH aides also known as press wranglers are almost screaming as reporters try to ask questions of Trump in our ‘pool sprays,'” he tweeted.

Reaction was pretty much what one might expect:

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That’s a sentiment I’m sure is felt by quite a few people.

True, that.  Sad, but true.

Maybe Acosta should get himself checked out for Trump Anxiety Disorder.  Yes, it’s real…

One person noted:

It sure does seem that way.


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