Germany threatened by Islamists as Berlin prepares to recognize Armenian Genocide

Germany threatened by Islamists as Germany prepares to recognize Armenian Genocide
Germany threatened by Islamists as Germany prepares to recognize Armenian Genocide

Berlin, Germany, is preparing to adopt a resolution titled “Remembrance and commemoration of the genocide of Armenians and other Christian minorities in the years 1915 and 1916” on Thursday, but thousands of threatening emails by Islamists have been sent to German politicians.

RT News and American Action News reported the threats and said they came from the Turkish community.  Many of the emails threatening politicians called them foul names as Berlin tries to recognize the well-known genocide, but Turkish Islamists are attempting to halt the resolution.

According to RT News, the legislation, which has strained German-Turkish relations, is largely being supported by the opposition Greens in Germany, Merkel’s conservative bloc and Social Democrats.

RT News stated, “The document has the word ‘genocide’ in its headline and the text that reads “the fate of the Armenians is exemplary in the history of mass exterminations, ethnic cleansing, deportations and yes, genocide, which marked the 20th century in such a terrible way. The document also mentions the “inglorious” role of the German Empire, which was the Ottomans’ ally in World War I and did nothing to stop the atrocities.”

“Over 500 different Turkish organizations in Germany have sent out emails to their local MPs and journalists covering the subject, Germany’s Spiegel Online reported. Turkish citizens have also reached out privately via social media, “RT News said.

American Actions News also stated, “Threats and insults such as “You will be eliminated” and “son of a b****” were seen on Twitter and other social media outlets.”

According to the History Channel staff in 2010, it reported that in 1915, leaders of the Turkish government set in motion a plan to expel and massacre Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire.

The History Channel staff explained, “Though reports vary, most sources agree that there were about 2 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire at the time of the massacre. By the early 1920s, when the massacres and deportations finally ended, some 1.5 million of Turkey’s Armenians were dead, with many more forcibly removed from the country. Today, most historians call this event a genocide–a premeditated and systematic campaign to exterminate an entire people. However, the Turkish government does not acknowledge the enormity or scope of these events.”

“Despite pressure from Armenians and social justice advocates throughout the world, it is still illegal in Turkey to talk about what happened to Armenians during this era.”

As RT News and American Action News accurately reported, the Turkish Islamists do not want Germany to recognize the history of events that murdered 1.5 million and American Action News stated, “Will Germans be able to live in a free and democratic society if they host a large number of radical savages?”

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