Germany is Evicting Citizens to make Room for Illegals

Gabriele-Keller-Germany-620x341Germans are being evicted from their apartments to make room for the massive influx of Muslim refugees.  What kind of government is it they have over there?  Who does Merkel think she is, Obama?  Obama is the one who first bestowed special benefits to illegals, rights that American citizens don’t have.  I’ll bet he’s banging his head against the wall for not thinking of this first.

Gabriele Keller, 56, has lived in her government-owned apartment for 23 years and she has just received her eviction notice, telling her she has to be out by the end of the year.  She has retained a lawyer and plans to fight it but you and I both know she hasn’t a chance in the world.  She will be out because PC demands it.  She is not the first one to be evicted from her long time residence.

Mario Schlafke, the mayor of  Eschbach, insists the council’s decision was not frivolous.  I agree…..it’s criminal.  Local councilwoman Claudia Geiselbrecht claims that their backs are against the wall and if they didn’t take over German citizen’s apartments, they would have to set up cots for the illegal immigrants.  Poor baby.  I hadn’t looked at it like that, but of course I am sane and they are liberals, so…………………

Here’s where they really lose me.  Their reason for the evictions is because the government says building new apartment buildings is too expensive.  So they kick the residents out, who now have to spend money to move all the possessions they have gathered up through their lives, into apartments that will now undoubtedly cost much more since the law of supply and demand will jack up the rent costs due to limited housing options, so that illegal aliens, who happen to be Muslim, demand that Germans change their culture to match Allah’s will, can get a free ride.

Germany intends to take in 800,000 refugees this year alone.  For those of you who think 100,000 are too much for the US to take in, imagine the poor Germans who are taking in 8 times more than we are but have a population that’s only 25% of ours.  That’s a lot of evictions.


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