Georgia Mom Rips COVIDictators Up And Down Over School Mask Mandates (VIDEO)

This mom got firey, exercising her right as a citizen to bring her grievances to her government.

And she’s got a few. She is done with patiently waiting for answers.

Now she is demanding them.

And she’s got a better sense of what citizenship means than a lot of those fools whose job it is to represent We The People.

Every month I come here and hear the same thing. ‘Social-emotional health’. If you truly mean that, you will end the mask requirement tonight. TONIGHT.

This is not March, 2020 anymore. We have 3 vaccines, every adult in the State of Georgia that wants that vaccine is eligible to get it right now and every one of us knows that young children are not affected by this virus.

They’re not. And that’s a blessing.

But as the adults, what have we done with that blessing? We’ve shoved it to the side and said ‘we don’t care’.

You’re still going to wear a mask on your face every day, 5 and 6 year-olds. You still can’t play together on the playground like normal children, 7 & 8 year-olds.

We don’t care.

We’re still going to force you to carry a burden that was never yours to carry? Shame on us!

My six-year-old looks at me every month before I come here and says, ‘tell them tonight. Tell them I don’t want to wear this anymore.’ And I say, ‘baby, it’s not time to fight that battle yet, I try to explain that there’s so many things that…

It’s April 15th, 2021 and it’s time.

Take. These. Masks. Off. Of. My. Child.

And I know what I’m going to be met with: ‘But Miss Taylor, the CDC.’

We did not vote for people at the CDC. We did elect leaders who do create policy. We elected the five of you. We chose YOU to make difficult decisions for our children. we chose you to make decisions that would be in our children’s best interest and forcing 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9-year-old little children to cover their noses and their mouths, where they breathe, for seven hours a day, every day for the last 9 months for a virus that you know doesn’t affect them.

That is NOT in their best interest. And this has to stop.

Defend our children.

My six-year-old can’t come up here and say this.

It has to stop. Take these off of our children.

You can hear the passion in her voice.

If only her government cared about their responsibility the way she cares about her kid.

Maybe she should be in one of those five chairs.

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