Free Speech Lawsuit- AZ Student vs “Free Speech Zone” (video)

A student at a Paradise Valley Community College in Arizona has had to sue the college in order to secure her right to free speech on campus.

Brittany Mirelez is a freshman at Paradise Valley Community College in Maricopa, Arizona. She was kicked out of the campus’ “free speech zone” in October. That “zone” is .26% of the entire campus, and amounts to a small portion of an outside walkway.

 free speech lawsuit
Brittany Mirelez

Nowhere in the Constitution is there a limit of WHERE that right is to be exercised.

Brittany is a member of Young Americans for Liberty, a strongly conservative group with branches across the country. She had a table set up within the “free speech zone,” where one Student Life official had given her permission. But when another official saw her there, she was told she didn’t have permission to be there because she didn’t give 48 hours notice. So they kicked her out.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say there is a requirement to give notice WHEN you are going to speak.

One of the issues here is that she is a conservative, and they hate conservatives on college campuses. So for one thing, it’s harassment. But it’s also a violation of her rights. Numerous lawsuits have been filed across the country against colleges that have set up tiny, restrictive “free speech zones.”

Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a federal lawsuit for her in U.S. District Court. They are stating that because the school received public funding that the right of free speech must be extended to all.

Some previous lawsuits against universities and colleges have been able to get those restrictive zones on campuses removed.

Critical Thinking

Free speech is a basic right written into the United States Constitution for many reasons. One of those things is the ability to think critically and not just parrot something someone has told you.

We do not need liberal automatons. We need students with the ability to see through the b.s. floating around campuses, and society today. As colleges continue to clamp down on free speech, it is hoped that groups such as Alliance Defending Freedom can win these lawsuits.

As all of our cherished freedoms are under attack- freedom OF religion not FROM religion,  and freedom OF speech, not FROM speech -we are creating a nation of cowards who can’t face even the most minor words because it “offends” them.

Prager University video

This video explains some of the dangers ahead for our freedoms, and particularly the Freedom of Speech.

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