Free eBook shows how Socialism destroys economic freedom

“10 Biggest Lies of Socialism: A Common Sense Guide to the False Promises of Socialism”
“10 Biggest Lies of Socialism: A Common Sense Guide to the False Promises of Socialism”

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a conservative political advocacy group, has launched an initiative and has released a free eBook, titled, “10 Biggest Lies of Socialism: A Common Sense Guide to the False Promises of Socialism

Less than three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, socialism seems to be undergoing a revival. Under socialism, the idea is that everyone pays taxes and the government, in an equitable way, provides its citizens with the things they need.

Socialism may sound wonderful where all is shared, universal equality is realized, and we all live happily ever after. However, that is not how socialism works in the real world.

Socialism strangles economic growth; it discourages success and rewards laziness. The more a society becomes Socialistic, the less freedom it will have because people lose their freedom to choose.

One of the points outlined in the eBook presents the falsehood of income equality, where everyone contributes an equal amount and equally shares in rewards. However, the reality shows that everyone is equally poor. Some people work harder than others… some are willing to let others do work for them. Not recognizing this aspect of human nature and rewarding everyone equally regardless of merit breeds resentment, envy, and a tiered society. The result is no innovation and little economic growth.

“Has America become so hungry for solutions for the future that we’ve forgotten why socialism is bad for our country? Last month, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke at the Democratic convention. He’s been spouting socialism on the campaign trail for months and he certainly didn’t pull any punches last month, “said Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity.

“The scary thing is, is that young people all over the country are buying what he’s selling, “Phillips said. “Millions of them are parroting his talking points, donated to his campaign, and are spreading these ideas to their friends and on their campuses… a lot of smart kids are buying into his empty promises and I can’t stand by and do nothing.”

“We want you to know the truth about socialism and how it inevitably leads to oppression and misery for a country which is why we released this free eBook, which is to the point and reveals the real truth about Socialism.”

Bernie Sanders may no longer be the Democratic nominee but, Sanders is still pushing for Socialism, as if he is still campaigning, based on his posts on his Facebook page.

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