Fraud: Three million questionable ‘Remain’ signatures in newest EU petition

Possible fraud with the British petition.
Possible fraud with the British petition.

As the old saying goes, nobody likes a sore loser. Yet the losers in the United Kingdom’s recent referendum on remaining in the European Union certainly appear to not be taking their defeat very well at all.

As reported by Raheem Kassam of Brietbart.com (Great Britain edition) on June 26, 2016, something’s rotten in Denmark. Well, maybe not Denmark… but just maybe in Dartmouth, Dover or Dagenham. Nonetheless, an official British government sanctioned petition for yet another “Remain” or “Stay” EU referendum may have the stench of fraud about it.

More than a few critics are claiming that a “bot” or “script” is automatically pumping out thousands of fake names and equally fake signatures. While reporter Kassam readily admits that “Breitbart London has been unable to verify such claims, but the rate at which signatures are being added to the petition may suggest at least some level of automation.”

Kassam notes that certain Twitter users are posting on-line that a link to the website PasteBin.com has been programmed as a script to automatically generate fraudulent signatories. However, the managers of PasteBin.com have the following posted on the offending page: “This page is no longer available. It has either expired, been removed by its creator, or removed by one of the Pastebin staff.”

But before the good folks at PasteBin could delete the page in question, a vigilant Tweeter screen captured the questionable website. Going by the enigmatic name of Matty @88MHILL, the images can be still be viewed on his Twitter page.

Breitbart’s Kassam has cited some of the more eyebrow-raising numbers as to how many and where from tens of thousands of signatories are submitting their info to the UK government. As reported, “As of Sunday afternoon, around 41,118 signatories have come from Vatican City, 11,717 from the United States, and curiously, 24,855 from North Korea. At least 19,000 signatures have come from France, and 2,735 from British Antarctic Territory, which has a population of just 250 people.”

For his part, Kassam has posted a running Twitter list stream that has a number of screen captured images pointing out the alleged fraud. Examples include supposed British citizens signing the petition, but the countries of origin included Vietnam, Western Sahara, and Uzbekistan.


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