Fox News’ Megyn Kelly destroys ‘Baghdad Jim’ McDermott for blaming Tea Party

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mcdermott2On Wednesday, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly took on “Baghdad Jim” McDermott, the Washington Democrat who said Tuesday that conservative groups deserved the abuse they received at the hands of the IRS.

Kelly wouldn’t let McDermott get away with his characterizations of the groups that came before the committee and challenged him when he claimed they did not testify under oath.

At one point, McDermott got a bit testy with Kelly, claiming that she was putting words in his mouth.

“Stop it!” he angrily demanded.

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In short, McDermott was as big an ass Wednesday as we was in the committee Tuesday.

Video of the exchange can be seen below, courtesy of Twitchy:

Don’t forget, McDermott is the progressive moonbat who once whined about reading the Constitution.


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